Importance of Effective Communication in Daily Life

            Communication means the ability to relay information to another person or people. However, effective communication further defines it by adding that it is the ability to communicate the intended message to the intended audience, in a way they can understand, using words or speech, signs, and writing. Communication is among the high capabilities of human beings, which is not found in other animals. Everyday communication is part of our life, and determines how we relate with each other. Considering it is the transfer of information from one person to another in the various ways, without it, we cannot be in a position to know what the other wants and many things would not be possible in life. Hence, effective communication is crucial to human success in everyday life.

One of the ways in which communication is an important aspect of everyday life is found in an organization. Every day, in a typical organizational day, workers spend 75 % of their time communicating, either through listening to leaders, peers, writing using body language during work and projects. Communication is used in all areas of the organization, including sales, where communication between the sellers and buyers has to be effective in order for transactions take place. For instance, if a buyer talks in a way hard for the seller to understand, there might be no transaction between the two. This will result in a misunderstanding, probably ending up selling what might not be the right thing. It is therefore very important to have highly effective communication skills that enable one to express themselves in order to be understood by others.

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