The encore professional concert series will be held on Friday January 20 in the year two thousand and twelve at the Sean O’Sullivan theatre. The performers will be Douglas Miller who will be playing the flute. He has a wide experience in the orchestra, for he has performed widely in many regions. Zoltan Kalman who will be playing the clarinet is a lecturer at Brock University, has taught several other universities, and performed in many orchestra concerts. Erika Reiman who will be playing the piano is a Brock university, has vast experience in piano, and often performs as a freelancer. The setting for this concert is an orchestra, since the performance is performed using music instruments that are played together to produce a harmonic melody that is both rhythmic and form a distinctive set piece.

Tarantella is from the romantic era of 1820 to 1869 because it consists of the clarinet, flute and piano, which are classified under early romantic orchestra. It is written in classical musical style. It is catchy with its opening notes; its rhythm is zesty and combines well with its menace dance to create a creepy feeling in the atmosphere that leaves one yearning for more. It is lively, but a bit slower compared to other tarantellas that are very fast, frenzy accompanied by menace dance. This music when played in an arrangement of flute, piano and clarinet brings out the classical musical style so well. The way the flute and clarinet swirl and slither over each other, and dance in unison with the discreet orchestra writing making it so romantic. The tarantella performance produces a virtuosic show to the crowd through its quick beats that have been performed well, the performers giving their best. It is an enjoyable tune that one cannot help but tap their feet to its tune. Tarantella is music to be enjoyed by people of all ages since it is catchy and the rhythm replays itself in the mind repeatedly after listen to the piece.

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