XYZ Company,

1123 New York,

January 27, 2012.


To: The Manager, Finance Department

From: Supervisor, Finance Department

Re:  Security Exchange Commission (SEC) Plain English


As you suggested, I am submitting the information concerning the plain English requirement by the Security Exchange Commission (SEC). This memo will have at least five rules governing text conveyance and five rules guiding one in the use of graphics. Although more details are available in the commission’s website, media articles and other business related journals.

Rules for Text

Assuming that the readers understand English, it is significant for writers of information to write in short sentences as much as they can. Complex sentences make the reader get confused or lose interest in the information being delivered. In other cases, long and complex sentences may mislead or misguide the readers because of their misunderstanding.

When writing a prospectus or a summary of some information, the use of bullet lists is most encouraged. These enable readers to read the information in point-form, therefore, understanding as much information as possible in a summarized manner. In most cases, information written in point form is easier to understand as compared to long complete sentences.

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