In February 2011, Kelley Williams a mother of two daughters was incarcerated for nine days and subjected to probation with community service for three years after being found guilty of double third degree felonies. These constituted falsifying documents and enrolling her two daughters in a public school not in her state or in a state where she pays taxes.  The issues emerging from this instance were those of justice and inequality especially in regards to education. Ms Kelley had enrolled her two daughters in Copley-Fairlawn instead of the public school in her residence neighborhood of Akron. The quality of education in the former is considered better given the school meets 26 points in the education criteria while in the later (Akron) meets only four. The difference is explained by the differences in the size of tax bases supporting the respective schools. I disagree with delivery of Justice in Kelley’s case since the ruling makes no attempt to address the fundamental issues leading to such instances.


            The discrepancies existing in the quality of education offered by different public schools is mainly attributable to funds available. Funds availed to the public schools are proportionate to the tax base of the respective state or locality. This creates a problem where less economically empowered neighborhoods receive less funds consequently affecting education quality whereas these neighborhoods need high quality education the most. This inequality has not been adequately resolved thus instance such as of Ms. Kelley are becoming prevalent.

In respect to Ms. Kelley’s case, am of the opinion justice was not served given instigating factors of her falsifying the documents to enable her daughters enroll in Copley-Fairlawn were not dealt with. The issue of restricting school of choice through state lines or tax base lines as aforementioned is oppressive to less economically empowered neighborhoods. This further calcifies poverty levels in these regions since children cannot attend public or charted schools outside the state or tax base to receive better education. They are caught in a rut of poor education and unsafe residences.

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