Is there a correlation between the mass and the circumference of Gala apples?

Cumulative Frequency graph (circumference)

The cumulative frequency graph is utilized to indicate the increasing totals of the data with the frequency being constantly added to the previous total. It is essential in indicating the distribution of the data especially when considering the median, upper and lower quartile of the data obtained. In the case below, the cumulative frequency graph is obtained by having the Upper Class Boundary in the x-axis and the cumulative frequency in the dependent or y-axis.


Class intervals Frequency Cumulative frequency Upper class boundary
23<cm< 23.5 2 2 23.5
23.5<cm<24 5 7 24
24<cm<24.5 15 22 24.5
24.5<cm<25 8 30 25


















From the cummulative circumfrence of the apples, it is notable that the total frequency is at 30cm. At the same time, the median of the apples lies approximately in the 24<cm<24.5 region. This infers a 24.25cm median if accurately scaled. Q1 is 24cm and Q3 is at 24.5cm.At the same time, the greatest frequency can be noted to be in the 24<cm<24.5 region with the graph being steepest in this region. This would therefore influence the median indicating that most apples would probably fall in this region.

The plot in the cumulative frequency for the weight of the apples also indicates that majority of the apples have a weight that is positively correlated to the circumference. This is also indicative that the apples’ weight have a similar cummulative frequency graph, as is the case. Therefore, a positive correlation can be inferred pending more calculations.


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