Abnormal Psychology and Society

The movie Dangerous Method gives its audience no chance of resisting irreverence especially when pondering its main subject on psychoanalysis, and with its main issue on intense conflict and relationships. David Cronenberg, the movie’s director, mesmerizing approach to the movie is done based according to the play “The Talking Cure” by Hampton, where roles of Jung (Michael Fassbender) and Freud (Viggo Mortensen) brilliantly coalesce and intersect together revolving around the triangle of a sexual relationship between them and Sabina. Fassbender plays the role of a young psychiatrist, Carl Jung, aspiring to achieve greatness under his Mentor Freud who has a gimlet eye. Their two defining roles surround Sabina (Keira Knightley), who is a tempestuous psychiatric patient. Cronenberg’s movie ‘A dangerous method’ is a film in a historical format Jung views Freud as his idol, but the two advance in opposite directions as the movie progresses.

Freud has a notion that Jung’s ideology lies in an airy-fairy, which is extremely in thrall to coincidence, as well as supposition. On Jung’s part, he views his master as a pervert with a brain focused only on sex. The movie is however filled with irony as Jung himself is living off the dream, Shaw buckling on the hinge of life until it yells in protest. He is already married and continuously siring one child after another, while at the same time engaging in an affair with Sabina, his psychiatric patient. This would go on to be the first time for Jung’s ideology on erotic and therapeutic conflict, but is certainly not the last. This would however be highly unprofessional of him. Freud later takes over as Sabina’s therapist, finding out about her relationship with Jung, using this scenario as a crude weapon against Jung in their rival tussles. These outcomes cause Jung to suffer even more from misery than he did before, eventually jeopardizing his good relationship with Freud. Freud, who at the beginning would without a second thought act for his protégé, now feels foolish for being in such a position. Freud and Jung played a very valuable role in the movie bringing out the theme of two rival males endeavoring to win the love of the central woman, but in an unprofessional manner. Any practitioner should not at all engage in any affair with their client.

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