Worst Job Ever

            In most cases, defining a bad job depends on the person defining it. There are those who say that they are in a bad job simply because they did not want it to begin with. Others say that a job is bad because it does not pay well. To others, a job becomes unbearable when the working conditions stop favoring the workers. Others conclude that a job is bad when the routine starts becoming monotonous. Whichever the reason, many people, especially those who are employed, agree that a job can be described as a “bad job”. I have had that experience in one of the places that I have worked.

I once was in great need of money but with no job at the time. All my efforts of trying to get a job had become fruitless. Since I always try to seek help when I have a problem, I tried to tell a couple of my friends to tell me if they heard a job opportunity anywhere. One evening, after a long day’s job search, I received a phone call from one of my friends asking me whether I was interested in being a house cleaner/attendant. Honestly, I had never thought of that line of work, but I had no other option. She further explained that the family was wealthy, and there were other workers present. This meant that the pay would be good, and I would have company.

When I finally met my boss, she seemed very welcoming and loving. Unfortunately, the remuneration package was not very appealing, but was better than no pay. I will never forget the day I started working there. My misery started on that day. First, the other workers were not as engaging as I had expected. They all seemed as if they wanted to tell me something that I was to keep as a secret. My ‘welcome to work’ call came when the owner of the house scolded me for mixing the napkins when serving dinner. All napkins were to be of the same color. The color was white. She really scolded me as if I did the mistake intentionally. It was only my first day.

The woman’s husband seemed distant, but as I came to understand later, he was worse than his wife was. We were approximately eight workers in the house. We were not allowed to stay in groups of three or more. We hardly talked to each other as our supervisor, a relative to the madam, was always watching over us. We hardly had time to rest. The large mansion was cleaned daily, and there were three main meals served in a day. The family constantly hosted parties, gatherings and other occasions thus the place overflowed with visitors. Since our supervisor was a male, most of my female colleagues, like in my case, had been sexually harassed. He would hit our backside or brush against us when passing as though he was passing in a squeezed area, so that he would feel our breasts.

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