Fire hazards are among those accidents that can be prevented or be controlled in the event of their occurrence. For this reason, the fire services were introduced to help calm all fire accidents. These services were provided, with the necessary equipments, to fight fires to protect society. In addition, these services were provided with the necessary training for fighting the fires. However, there have been certain trends in the fire services that have become like a culture since they were introduced. Additionally, the services have been faced by many challenges affecting their ability to fight a fire in the event of an emergency. Therefore, the fire services have formed trends in their work performance, and there are challenges that have been affecting them making them perform poorly in their work.


In the beginning of the service, those people who were employed in the service were young. Majority of them were forty years and below. However, according to the work done by the National Fire Protection Association statistics, there is a trend of old people working in the service. Majority of the people employed as fire fighters are forty years and above. This shows that there is a trend of older people working in the service. If this trend continues, fewer people will be working in the service.

Another trend of the fire service as noted by the National Fire Protection Association is the increase in the number of professional fire fighters and a decrease in the volunteer fire fighters. This has increased because of the increasing population. The areas that require protection by the firefighters have also increased. For this reason, the fire services had to employ new people to work as professional fire fighters more than the volunteer fire fighters.

The last trend that has been noticed in this different fire fighter services is the depleted resources. In almost all the fire services, the resources are either unsuitable, or not enough. With the change in technology, the services need upgrades resources. Secondly, with the increase in population to be protected, the fire services need more resources so that they can be able to cover the population.

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