Mission and vision 1.2

Mission statement

The mission of the college is ‘to offer its students a quality, yet affordable education in an accessible and supportive environment, fostering the skills necessary to succeed in an increasingly complex world.’

Vision Statement

The vision of the college is ‘to be a vibrant educational and cultural center responsive to current as well as emerging student and community needs.’


The mission of the college is clear and accurate on some part of its statement, while, the other part some content are unclear hence not accurate. The clear and accurate part of the mission is where the mission statement states that it fosters the skills necessarily to the students to enable them achieve success in the outside world. That is clear and accurate since that is one of the major objectives of community college being established in the country. The other clear and accurate part is where the statement touches on providing quality and affordable education to its student in a supportive environment. This is accurate since the education taught in this college is of the highest standard and it is taught using the current technology to ensure that the students are updated. The environment is ideal for students since they have access to library, plenty places to study and hold discussions. In addition, the college fee is fare compared to other colleges that charge high fees locking out needy students.

The unclear and not accurate part is where the statement says that it provides accessible environment for studying which tends to limit students from far who would be interested in joining the college. A certain students from the state, who cannot access the college easily maybe interested in joining but get discouraged by the mission statement. The other unclear part is last part of the mission statement that mentions the complex world. The mission is not clear on how and why the world has become complex. The use of the word complex generalizes yet we are talking about skills that they will use on employment and generating business ideas. The mission should clearly state how the work place is complex so that the students will specifically learn how to adapt to it while still in college.

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