California Space Heaters, Inc

Question One

There exists a very thin line between the extents of responsibility a company should take in the case of safety of its products versus the extent of the responsibility on the average consumer. In every product, both the manufacturer and the consumer are responsible for the safety use of the device but only to certain extents. The manufacturer must ensure that the product does not cause harm to the consumer or any other party for that matter as far as the device is used properly. The company should ensure it installs necessary safety features on their devices to ensure that as long as the device is utilized normally, it does not cause any harm.

This reasoning is because the consumer has also the responsibility of utilizing the equipment in a reasonable and safe manner. This includes avoiding placing the garget near flammable items or others that can easily catch fire. However, the company can go an extra mile to ensure that the gadget has measures aimed at preventing further damage in case of apparent situations as having the gadget fall over or sparking.

Question Two

Since the manufacturer is partly responsible for the safety of the device, the company should therefore put up several safety features aimed at mitigating the damage. The criteria to be used in coming up with the decision would be analyzing the most possible or potential hazards that may arise with the use of the gadget. Some of the safety devices would include a thermostat for temperature adjustment and an automatic temperature shutoff device to control overheating due to flare-up. The company could install a tank level gauge to prevent tank overflow, and an automatic cut-off in the case of tip-over fire. Designing the gadget with low burn temperature would go a long way in preventing contact fire whereas installing a siphon filling system would prevent oil spillage during filling.

Question Three

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