Does progress make civilizations more civilized?


Scientific research when carefully implemented, leads to the production technology. Additional research leads into the advancement of this technology. This technology is aimed at enhancing human existence. With this idea, it then follows that the advancement of technology ought to translate into progress in civilization. However, this has not been the case since scientific and technological advance has resulted into adverse impacts and put entire civilizations on the verge of destruction. Although there may be short-term benefits, research indicates that the long-term effects are predominantly adverse.

Civilization is described as the progress in humanity in terms of intellectual, cultural and material development. This is fundamentally marked by an improved state of living. When a society becomes more civilized, the society is marked by an improvement in the ways and standards of living. Civilization of humanity is accomplished in two main facets. The first is in the spiritual plane where the society depicts a heightened sense of morality, goodness and quality in their relationships with each other and the environment. The other level is on the state of life where the issues such as famine are alleviated, good governance and such like.

Observations made on the current system highly indicate that progress in science and technology does not necessarily translate into making the society more civilized. Although there have been considerable advances in terms of technology, there has been stagnation in the development of morals and state of interpersonal relationships. Humanity has not improved in terms of rational knowledge and depicts times dating back hundreds of years (Ramsden 22).

The presence of stringent laws and measures that highly depict the laws of the jungle should not be evidenced in the present world system. In view of the advances in technology, the same ought to have translated to a healthy harmonious development of civilization. However, the contrast tends to occur, as the law remains a reminiscence of the modern era. The only thing that has changed is its form and mode of operation. The past was depicted by open and violent military application of the law whereas in the present system, this has changed into a fierce form of economic and political oppression, control and profit from the weaker.

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