Innovation and changes

The current strategic changes

The strategic change requirements that the museums see as current is creating curiosity and learning through innovating relevant experiences to promote creative industry, traditional heritage skills and programs that demonstrate the current scientific research. The museum plans to achieve this through holding one major temporal exhibition, one local traveling temporal exhibition, two minor exhibitions, two annual festivals and two major public programs. Another current change is to collaborate with the community and industry groups to create and deliver programs together. This they plan to change by holding one partnership with the local community and an education community. Another change will be to provide a program that will allow visitors to shape their own experiences in all major temporary exhibitions to add value to the visitors.

The future strategic changes

The strategic changes requirements that the museum hopes to achieve in the future is strengthening the collection and make it easier for present and future generations by reviewing the collection development policy. In addition, digitize the existing collection and develop relevant technologies (Power House Museum, 2009). The second strategic change is to enhance the museums reach, prestige and recognition by making it a fascinating destination and experience for all the visitors. Another strategy is to grow the workplace cultures, staff skills and practices in finances, resources and people. Another strategy is to be a collaborative and connected institution by forming partnerships in key areas of education, projects and industries.

The future directions against existing policies and practices  

Regarding the policy of the museum to increase the participation and integration in community activities, the museum will collaborate with the community to hold an annual co-produced exhibition. This will ensure that the museum is involved in the community’s activities thus creating awareness to the people at the same time. The other policy, which is to offer all visitors ways to interact with the museum, will be accomplished by taking into consideration the visitors comments whether it is solicited or not. Another direction to take concerning this policy will be forming advisory committee with all the age groups represented in it. Another way is to provide opportunity and reasons for the people to have regular repeat visitation which will make it easier to establish their preferences.

The practice of promoting internal culture of dialogue, transparency, experimentation and individual accountability is going to be tackled by implementing innovative knowledge management and sharing practices among the employees. The other way is encouraging continuous self-improvement through offering rewards to motivate these improvements. By offering employees, an opportunity to experiment and collaborate across the organization will lead to accomplishing this practice. The other policy of the museum being an open organization to new developments of collection and transparent in their decision and work will in future lead the museum to digitize the collections. This will be to attain the highest level of transparency when new items are collected and to reduce crime. Another way that will ensure that the museum become open is to launch a website that will be displaying the plans and operations they are undertaking. The museum will increase its resources in technology that will manage its commercial operations and improve business processes and outcomes.

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