Japanese Language Students in America

The Japanese language students in America are the ones generally drawn towards this paradigm. This is because they believe in staying together while at the same time, most of them bear a single-mindedness attitude. Socially, members of the paradigm are not highly placed and psychologically, the members are very stable and are mostly brilliant and very intelligent. Second generation Japanese immigrants are also enrolled in the programs out of interest in learning their native language. This is because their parents mostly use English to communicate. The Japanese learning students have a structural and less binding social paradigm that is promising, academically enriching and socially depriving.

The paradigm does not have a specific history that can be attributed directly to them. The only thing that can be said is that since the inception of Japanese language learning programs in schools, the social grouping started to develop. The key characteristics that govern the paradigm mostly originate from the Japanese culture. Ranging from religious to social beliefs, the Japanese culture remains the main influence to the members of this paradigm. This paradigm is quite different from other faculty related student paradigms. This is mainly due to their individualistic nature. This means that, unlike other groups who mostly spend most of their time together, having lunch, sharing jokes and coded languages understood by members only, the Japanese learning students paradigm is less attachment based. The members of the paradigm only share beliefs and a cultural will to please everyone but each of them knows what took them to school and are working hard to achieve it. They also do not have strong hippie interests like attending parties, partaking of alcohol and having unstable sexual relationships with multiple partners.

Most of the members of this paradigm believe in hard work. It is a high value among them and they strive to get the best schools, jobs and opportunities. Success is a word that defines the principles of the whole group and it is reflected wherever they go; in their families, companies, schools and all other social circles that they revolve around. They mostly form ‘Japanese societies’ in schools that are mostly informal groups that influence all others who attend the school. Though they are proud as a group of people, they are taught to feel some shame individually, which controls all of their behaviors in their families and societies.

            Certain words in this paradigm can only be used by women. Some terms and endings to verbs vary depending on whom someone is referring to, whether higher or lower than them by either age or social rank. For example, ‘San’ mostly comes after the name of a higher person out of respect. On the other hand, ‘Chan’ follows the name of a person who is younger or falls in a lower social rank than the speaker falls. This shows that the hierarchy in this paradigm is recognized and reflected in the language they use to communicate. Their language also reflects a peculiar characteristic of the group to avoid any form of confrontation. This is shown in their verbs, which take a form that expresses the notion of them being used for another person. This is also used to express an individualistic intention that makes sure nobody is disappointed by them.
A day in the life of a member of this paradigm starts by attending class for the better part of the morning since learning the language is quite challenging. Then a meeting of the paradigm members follows for a session of group discussions over lunch or a drink, and then the meeting breaks for further personal study. Social events are attended by the members personally and are not consulted upon among group members. Sports team memberships are also not common in the paradigm and members are free to join any team they wish unlike other similar social paradigms whose lives have to be the same in all aspects.

The paradigm, according to me, is not only psychologically healthy but also academically enriching. This is because the group focuses on the educational part of their lives and it is mostly what brings them together. This is an advantage since their academic brilliance shall prevail and they shall register good results at the end of their learning period, which is what their main endeavor in joining the school was. Psychologically, members of the group are very upright since personal lives are left out of the affairs of the group hence privacy is respected. This means regardless of ones background, everyone in the group is seen as an equal. This I believe is a good thing since no one is oppressed and everyone feels confident of themselves in expressing their views and even when generally conducting themselves.

Socially, the group is quite low since they do not engage in any sport or social activity as a group. This, I believe, is a bit dangerous since the full experience of a college student should be experienced. This is because one might be able to nurture other talents outside class. Moreover, sports are healthy for the relaxation of the body and the mind and health is very important in the life of a young adult. The effect of this shall be poor physical health, which shall lead to laziness and other minor setbacks. It can also lead to poor brain health. It shall also lead to a poor social life where the individuals shall have very few people they can call friends.

The Japanese students’ social paradigm lacks social activities, which are very important for people their age. This can and should be changed if the students wish to lead healthy lives in the future. The students can try to form social events of their own and invite other people to them, for example a gala displaying and celebrating Japanese culture. This shall expand their social webs and shall help them in networking. As for the academic brilliance, the group should keep this up since it is molding good futures for them. Psychologically, they should try offer advice to each other in terms of general life issues that are not very personal. This shall help them know one another better while not prying into each other’s lives.

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