Complete Solo Experience

I am seated at the park in a corner from where I can watch people going about their lives, playing, laughing and generally enjoying their lives and capture every minute of it with their loved ones. It is important to spend time with the people you love but occasionally it is also important to spend some time by yourself, alone with your thoughts and ready to listen to your inner voice. Over the past year I have come to realize, that time is one of, if not the most, crucial things in life. A period of one year is enough to leave major changes in your life; time changes very many things.

Sometimes, time is a scary concept when you feel like it is moving too fast. It is also scary because once it has gone it can never come back. You need to do the most important things now or risk regretting in the future. Every time my birthday comes along, I marvel at how fast the year has gone. Sometimes I do not eagerly anticipate turning a year older because I feel that I have not utilized my full potential in the past year. I am scared of just getting older without really acquiring the maturity and achievements that come with that age.

This year however, I will do everything differently. I will take charge of my life and all of the situations that come my way and make the most of them. Hence, a year from now, I will be proud of myself because I will have done my best and made the most of my time. I never want to look back at this year, and have a single regret. My mother often says that the secret in life is to do everything at the right time and then everything will fall into place. I will try to apply this principle in my life because sometimes I end up having to multi-task so much due to procrastinating or simply just enjoying the pressure that deadlines present.

Of late, I have been wondering what my talent is, out of schoolwork. Currently, most of my life revolves around work and school, which can be quite monotonous sometimes. I think it is important to find that one thing that makes your life a bit more interesting. When I was younger, I loved playing the guitar, dancing and drawing, and I really enjoyed it. This year I have to participate more in an extra-curricular activity. For instance, I want join a dance class or start playing my guitar again. One of my friends suggested that we should start a band; I have decided to take her up on that idea since she can sing and I can play an instrument. I am excited about it though I need to polish my guitar-playing skills a bit.

My friends have also told me that my story-telling is quite good and that I should try and write a story, I feel like it is something I would want to do, in the spirit of living my life to the fullest. One of the things that really stress me right now is that for my age, I feel like I am not given enough freedom by my parents. Over the years, my parents have taught me how to be financially responsible, how to take care of myself and to respect other people in the society. I learnt well because I have not done anything irresponsible and am still doing well in school. Yet, they act as if they do not fully trust me.

I want to be more independent and not have to be advised constantly about everything. How will I learn if I am not even allowed to make mistakes? I hope these changes this year, because I would really like my parents to trust me enough and treat me like a grown-up. Over the holidays, my friend and I volunteered at the homeless shelter for three days. We helped to prepare and distribute food to around fifty people. I realized that helping people makes me feel fulfilled and happy; it has helped me to appreciate the everyday things in my life that I normally took for granted. I will volunteer more, in different places. I might even discover more about myself in the process.


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