Life of a Manager

To be successful in management, one has to have the desire not only to manage but also to influence and change the life of others. One has to work as a team with his or her subordinates in order to achieve maximum willful cooperation from them and in turn the best results. Cooperating with ones subordinates, as a manager, is one of the best tactics of management one could use to ensure maximum results. The benefits that come with the managerial positions are vast; however, not many can fill the shoes of a manager in the required way.

Communication with ones subordinates is also important. This motivates them to work and shows them that they are important not only to you as their immediate boss but to themselves and the company. Communicating tools include letters, written reports, interactive discussions and speeches. Empathy is important when communicating with ones subordinates since it ensures that the communication is on the same level. Employees also need to be rewarded for work well done. This acts as a motivational tool to them and it improves performance since they work hard to achieve rewards. The rewards include promotions, salary raises and leadership positions among the employees.

As a manager, honesty and integrity are important in the place of work. These two qualities are important in the relationship between ones superiors and juniors and in the bridging of the gap between the two. Acting as the middleman between the upper level staff and the lower level staff is important even in problem solving. A manager should be the mediator when conflicts arise between his subordinates. Therefore, it calls for them to have conflict solving skills and a lot of patience. Patience in the manager is important in terms of dealing with difficult employees. An employee should be treated with care so as not to infringe their rights and not let them disobey company policy.

Depending on the nature of the business, the customers should be treated with utmost respect. The first rule of dealing with customers is to know that they are always right. The best service should be given to the customers and incentives for encouragement should be given to them for the purpose of retention. As a manager, one should be knowledgeable of the industry in which they operate. This includes information about competitors, market forces influencing their business industry and if possible local and international players in the industry. This helps in the answering of clients, customers and employees’ questions.

A manager should also know their company’s competitors. This information is important in the generation of marketing strategies since the key players in the field have to compete. The success of a business depends highly on the management. How successful a business is depends on who and how it is being managed. A manager to a successful business takes into consideration all aspects of management including, market survey, customer satisfaction, customer retention, market competition and employee satisfaction. When all these aspects are put into consideration and satisfied, the business becomes very successful.

Challenges in the field of duty are ever present. These include competitor pressure, employee grievances, meeting deadlines and the achievement of set standards. A manager’s hardest task is overcoming the above named challenges. The mentality that competitors are ever ahead is very important since it drives the manager to work and innovates better strategies to stay ahead. Deadlines are set by the higher management for the manager to assess their performance. The meeting of these deadlines and the achievement of the set standards are important aspects in the life of a manager since they dictate how well he/she does his/her work. A manager’s work involves being a dependable person since the higher management depends on them and the employees depend on them too. The shoes of a manager would be very big ones to fill if the proper skills, patience and optimism are not present in the candidate.

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