For the Love of Water

            The video is a documentary, produced by Irena Salina, and is about the global crises that we face as Earth’s water supply is being depleted. The main reason for the video is to show us how Earth’s water is diminishing day-by-day. Additionally, the video is also appealing to the people all over the world to start campaigning towards saving the water catchment areas. Water is being depleted through pollution, wastefulness, privatization and corporate greed. Water has become a more valuable natural resource in our day-to-day activities more than oil. If we continue like this, the human race may be wiped off the Earth’s surface.

There are so many things, which can be done to fix the problem. One is to protect the water catchment areas from pollution. The governments in the respectful places should impose rules, which protect the water catchments like if anybody or a company is found polluting he should be fined and imprisoned. For the companies they should be fined and closed down completely. In addition to this, the government should take an initiative of educating the public on the importance of protecting our water catchment areas from pollution. Like in Bolivia, the slaughterhouses should be fined and closed down in order to rehabilitate the water catchment areas, which are polluted.

Water entrapment is another problem that affects the natural flow of the eco-system. Many big companies as seen in the video have entrapped water to their advantage causing the water not to flow onwards with its natural current leading to some parts becoming dry and losing water completely. These entrapments should be demolished and the companies or people behind this should be made to pay hefty fines. This will bring back the springs that had dried up and bring back the water life cycle, which was normally there. Like the case of Michigan, the company Nestle should be stopped from pumping water, which has led to the drying up of streams.

Finally, there should be no owning of this water catchment areas. When these catchment areas are privatized, companies tend to use them for their own interest, that is, corporate greed without even considering the outcome of their actions. This owning of water catchment areas might lead to the companies blackmailing the government in order to gain certain favors if the water was to be diminished and they are the only ones having the rare commodity. Therefore, the government should reacquire these water catchment areas and protect them from corporate greed, pollution and other forms of destruction. Like in the video, what coca cola company did was not good and the government should have not allowed that extraction of water.

My opinion is that it is a very good documentary video that brings about the effects of water being depleted. It has highlighted some of the causes of this depletion and all of them can be avoided if only man would stop being greedy. The film has also highlighted good examples all over the world to show that water diminishing is not only a local crisis but also a global problem, which affects everybody in the world. In addition, there are some interviews, which have helped to show facts and the need to save the catchment areas from the human race.

In conclusion, the system or government has failed to protect the water catchment areas because if they had protected them earlier, it would not be a crisis. Despite the fact that it has been noted to be a crisis, nothing is being done to protect the catchment areas by the government. The companies are still polluting the areas and others are still entrapping them leaving the streams dry. Like in India after the coca cola company had depleted of the fresh water and dumped its toxic waste, nothing has been done by the government to punish the company from the damage they caused despite them shutting down their operations in that region.

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