Social Welfare

Social welfare in the United States of America is a program that is purposed to help the citizens to earn living. This is done through establishment of programs that help in the situations where there is unemployment or in the areas where people feel there is underemployment. These programs have been very vibrant during the period when the government officials did not have malicious intentions toward the program. This because they have used these programs as a way of doing their politics by relating their promises to the people with those programs. Therefore, for any leader to succeed in the political field, he needed to promise the people about the intention or the attachment of improving the social life of the people. Once the leaders get into power, they forget about the people who made them come back to the government. This is a very awful tendency because; the situation has not yet changed. People are still living under the poverty line and they are unable to meet the living standards of the current society.

The economic degradation and emergence of horrific financial practices such as corruption has lead to the end of the significance of the social welfare programs. The government has continued to allow the market forces to determine the price of commodities in the economy thus making life hard for its citizens. In addition, despite the increments in the cost of living, people are living in an unemployment state whereby they are not able to meet the daily necessities of life. This is a worse situation in an economy because the consumer is not protected by the government involvement in the business. The government is involved in the business only to reap the tax revenue benefit without considering the fate of the normal citizen. Therefore, the government has faced a lot f resistance from the people because they have politicized the social welfare program for their own benefits. Thus, is becoming an issue because the program is no longer active because the government support is minimal hence having little influence in the peoples lives in America.

The food stamp program has been of vital influence to the low-income earners for it has enabled them acquire food services all over even during the periods of economic depression. It is a program that is facilitated and managed by the local agencies or the state although it is a program of the federal government. This program enables the people to buy food at cheaper prices because the government has subsidized the prices through reducing the level of taxation. The reduction of prices has an impact on the cost of products thus making the seller to sell the goods at lower prices. The group that is helped much by this program includes the unemployed and the people who do not have stable economic financial basement. For instance, the people who live in the marginalized areas face a lot troubles even in the health facilities. For that reason, the government has put in place the programs that will help them acquire these services at subsidized prices according to their financial strength. Other persons who derive assistance from this program incorporate the elderly and the disabled people who cannot earn enough money to sustain them in the economic phase. Children who are orphans and the windows who are financially unstable are also included in this program. Thus, the disruption of this program brings a lot of controversy because many people are living below the poverty line. In addition, the disruption of this program can affects so many people in the region because their way of living has been distorted hence bringing dreadful effect on the lives of many poor citizens.

The economic status of the people should be improved through honesty and accountability of the leaders. Therefore, leadership in this political issue is a key source of influence where a leader can obtain political attention at large. For a political party to maintain the current social welfare of the citizens continually, it should be able to meet the needs of the people at large and fully satisfy them without considerations of the economical status of the financial market. This is because the needs of the people are scarce and unlimited. Therefore, the continual dominance of any political party will be determined by their ability to satisfy fully the needs of the people. In many areas, the federal political party has been able to provide for the people in the marginalized communities and thus having much influence politically. Sequentially, this has enhanced the popularity of this political party in the states. The republican can choose the corporative welfare due to the inability to raise funds to enhance the food subsidies process. The issue of the tax is very common in this political party due to the involvement of many departments in the government that require financial support. This causes this political party to lack funds to facilitate the provisions of the food stamp in America.

From the primaries, the US president is elected through conventions that are held by the political parties. These conventions are attended by the party delegates who are from different states and who belong to that political party. These delegates participate in voting that leads to the selection of the most popular candidate who will vie for the election. In addition, they also select a vice president. In the fifty states, the president should acquire nearly all the votes in order to become the president. The president should also be chosen by at least three houses of representatives in the Electoral College. The minimum number of votes that is required for a presidential candidate to win are two hundred and seventy

The liberal party is associated with non-involvement of the foreign in terms of economy and the military support. Thus, it does not corporate with other nations with the issue of financial support or protection issue. The libertarianism deals with individual liberty whereby there is freedom of action and to individual expression. The conservative approach facilitates for the conservation and maintenance of institutions of the tradition. This mode of political party is associated with opposition to modernism. It involves limited interactions thus having the ability to control the government in terms of economic status and promoting stability in the ruling. Liberal is the belief or an important effort that is emphasis zed to enhance equal rights and freedoms of the people.


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