Why Apple Computer is Superior to Microsoft

Apple Company is a multinational corporation that is based in America. It was established in 1976 in California and incorporated in 1977. It was previously named Apple Computer Inc but after 30 years, it dropped the word “Computer” to create room for expansion. It designs computer software, personal computers and electronics (Linzmayer 47). The firm has 301 retail stores in ten countries and an online lay up where it sells its hardware and software products. Software products include the iTunes media browser, the Mac OS X operating system, the iLife creativity software, iWork productivity software, Aperture professional photography package, the Safari internet browser and the IOS mobile operating system.

Another software product is the Logic Studio, which is a parcel of music tools and lastly a professional audio and film industry software named Final Cut Studio. The industry’s best-known hardware products are the Macintosh line of Computers, the iPhone, the iPad and the iPod. The Corporation has become very successful. This is due to a highly skilled work force, unique marketing strategies leading to high sales turnover surpassing Microsoft (O’Grady 67). Apple items are also reliable, convenient, advanced in technology, environment friendly and secure.

The Apple firm has employed highly skilled staff. As at 2010, it had a total of 46,600 fulltime workers and 2,800 temporary workers universally. However, in 2006 it was criticized for its operations. There were claims that it overworked its employees and under paid them. Apple however carried investigations and improved the working conditions of the places. It worked hand in hand with the manufacturers to create and maintain good working conditions. Again, it went ahead and tracked the annual supplies regarding workers’ rights and it pruned suppliers who did not comply. Apple Company has strong marketing strategies. It has been recognized for its efforts towards effective campaigns and excellent advertising. An example is the 1984 Super Bowl commercial, which introduced the Macintosh. It was a great success because it created awareness worldwide. The second was the “Get a Mac” advert it was also creative though criticized. Apple items are quality items and thereby they needed to be marketed efficiently (McAfee 43).

Apples products are environment friendly. Environmental Protection Agency rates Apple as the highest producers of desktop and notebook computers. Apple firm was ranked 9th out of 18 top electronic makers as at October 2010 unlike Microsoft, which was ranked 17th place by the Greenpeace organization. The Greenpeace organization was established to control pollution caused by electronic manufacturers. After receiving several warnings concerning their non-recyclable hardware products, the Apple Company started production of less toxic products. By the year 2009, all computers were mercury free, without PVC cables and arsenic free glass (Reinhold 65). Apple is highly ranked as compared to Microsoft Company since it produces a wide range of products that are environment friendly. Microsoft is yet to upgrade its items to meet the standards of the EPA and other environmental agencies.

The Apple Corporation by 2010 had revenue of 65.23 billion dollars, an operating income of 18.39 billion dollars and profit of 14.01 billion dollars. Microsoft, in the same year had revenue of 62.484 billion dollars, an operating income of 24.098 billion dollars and profit of 18.760 billion dollars. Therefore, Apple had generated much revenue as compared to Microsoft (Linzmayer 78). The Apple items are more reliable as compared to Microsoft items. It is the only company making its own hardware hence they will produce quality hardware. The people who make the software are the same people who make the hardware. An example is the MacOS that is designed for only those computers built by Apple; the software is specifically made to run the hardware. Hence, its speed is efficient and it is appropriate for people who need to work faster.

One thing that Apple allows other companies to manufacture is the accessories, devices and components. Hence, any accessory will work on any Mac computer (Jeff 123). Microsoft, however, is usable on any hardware and while this may be an advantage in most cases, efficiency and reliability is reduced. This leads to numerous problems with cases of specific hardware customer needs requiring the formulation of software by third-party developers. However, with the MacOS, cases of incompatibility with Apple hardware are almost non-existent.

Apple Computers are much more secure. Viruses and malware designed for windows based processors will not run on apple products like the Mac because there are fewer Macs in use. Designing for a Mac virus is not yet possible thus contrasting Microsoft’s windows. They are convenient to access given that they have worldwide outlets where people can purchase their products at affordable prices. Again, their Operating Systems come in a single configuration and a single price unlike the Windows Operating System that comes in a number of different configurations each with unstable attributes and prices (Jeff 56). The reason why Apple products are the most utilized is due to their consistent production of numerous items. They have a range of new products that are much efficient and conversant with today’s generation. Examples are the iTunes, iPhones, iBooks and iPods.

Good customer service is a major key aspect and Apple scores highly in this area. It takes the throb of having a crisis and promotes goodwill. Customers feel satisfied when a problem is well attended to and they become loyal to the brand. This factor has given the corporation an added advantage over the other brands. It is actually gaining market share and increasing margins via the power of its brand. Apple has done what successful companies strive to achieve, this being formulating a culture of customer satisfaction. When an organization deals directly with the customer’s needs, this leads to loyalty with a brand that is more powerful than what mere advertising seeks to achieve.

Microsoft as a software corporation sells its operating system windows to manufacturers worldwide (Reinhold 28). Companies like Dell, Hewlett-Packard, and Sony distribute their hardware with Microsoft Windows Operating System. Microsoft has many disadvantages but Apples also has disadvantages. First, when playing games, one needs Windows since Mac has fewer games. Secondly, they are expensive when it comes to prices; they are higher than the Windows. They target the upper end market rather than the cheaper end market (Stanek 97). Thirdly, they cannot be upgraded or customized for one would rather buy a new one. Lastly, their security is limited to the fact that only fewer people use the Macs. The major distinction is in the Operating System. Nevertheless, the Apple firm would make even a huge profit by venturing into the lower end market and producing affordable products for the average earners willing to make purchases.





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