Jews as Trigger of World War Two

The Jews declared World War II on Germany in the beginning of 1933. The historians reveal that World War II was declared in Germany by the World Jewry who worked tirelessly to overcome the power of Adolf Hitler who was against their tyrannical capitalism and International socialism. Hilter was challenged to take a stand against the Jews by the government of the national communalism in Germany. In 1914, the Great Britain started the war against the Germans. The Germans were powerful hence ended up sweeping away all the groups who came against them. Jews played greater roles in WWI and WWII that aimed in promoting universal peace, liberation and victory.

Talmudist Jews played an essential role in the victory of the Germans. Kaiser’s family and the government created. World Zionist Organizations that continuously extended assistance to those were affected in the World War I and World War II. The Kaiser arranged to meet with the Ottoman Empire, the Theodore Herzl and the Talmudists in Berlin in order to extend the help to the victims of war. The Talmudists owned the largest banks in the world and had other large companies in the world. In 1916, the Germans turned against the Talmudists who were in Germany hence worsening the situation globally.

The Talmudist Jews formed the allies that aimed to attack the Germany nation because the Germans were depriving people’s right of life. The issue of world order was raised by the Versailles Dictate in order to overcome the problems that people were facing. Financial and economic war was declared by the Israelites and the Jews against the Germans. They wanted to form a holy war against the Germans who were killing people mercilessly. The sacred war played an essential role in the two world wars because people were not allowed to buy any commodities manufactured from Germany. In addition, people were not allowed to deal with any merchants who sold goods or supported German ships.

The Jewish leaders organized conferences in which they raised the issue of triggering a spiritual and material war  globally against the Germans. In 1934, David Brown who was the chairperson of the United Jewish Movement declared war against Germans without any mercy. This was because the Germans were the greatest enemies across all the nations. Every Jewish comminity in the conference was instructed to destroy the Germany nation completely because they were threats to the Jews. Hitler did not want the war but he was forced to join it because the purpose of the war was to establish the hegemony of the Jewish people in the whole world.

The Talmudist Jews selected America as an ally during world war I. the allies were to support the Jewish in promoting peace in the whole world. In late 1916, the Germany peace offer was tabled before the cabinet of the British war. Great Britain wanted to accept quickly the peace offer from Germans but the World Zionist Association interfered and stopped them from accepting the peace offer. The Talmudist Jews from London gave an order to the British war cabinet that they were supposed to follow. In 1916, the Germans considered the London Agreement as a betrayal by Talmudists who were residing in Germany. The agreement was aimed to liberate the whole nation but the Germans did not want the agreement that was passed by the Talmudists.

During the holy war that was declared by the Talmudists, Franklin Roosevelt was influenced by the Talmudists. He became a captive of the Talmudic Jews and forced the United States to engage in World War II. The Germans were promised an access transversely to the Danzig Corridor by the Poland people but it became difficult. This is because the Talmudists opposed the peace adjustments between Poland and Germany, which was discussed at the Versailles Peace meeting. The Talmudist Jews aimed to weaken the Germens hence had to use President Roosevelt in order to crush the Germany during the World War II.



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