Mental Health

Mental Health is referred to as the successful act in all diagnosable psychological disorders. The practioners of mental health use the analytical and manual statistics of psychological disorders to investigate the illness and potential treatments that they can provide patients. They use different multi-axial or dimensional approaches to detect the diseases. The news article “Treating Mental Health Disorders” reflects the responses on the mental health cases, one of them being anxiety disorders.

An anxiety disorder is an illness that results from distress and panic for no clear reason. Many individuals experience the problems of anxiety before an event occurs. For instance, an anxiety disorder is commonly experienced by students especially when they are about to start their exams. However, anxiety disorders if left untreated can dramatically lower productivity and drastically lessen the life quality of an individual. This disease is common in America and about 40 millions of people are affected by the disease each year (Mental Health America 2011).

There are different kinds of anxiety disorders. They include panic disorders that are characterized by panic and eventually feelings of fear that strike repeatedly without warnings. Physical symptoms are chest pains, difficult in breathing, unreality feelings, heart palpitation and abdominal pain. Another kind of panic disorder is post-Traumatic Disorder. This disease results after experiencing things such as war, child abuse, natural calamities, depressions and child abuses. Lastly, phobia-extreme, is a disorder that results due to exaggerated fear for everyday routine activities. It lasts for six months and the accompanied symptoms are trembling, vomiting and headache.

The successful treatment for anxiety disorders are through medications, antidepressants and beta-blockers (National Institute of Mental Health 2011). Medications make an individual to feel better and thus the body functions well. However, medications do not treat the symptoms of anxiety disorder but make an individual to reduce depression, fear and other symptoms. In addition, antidepressants given to these patients should be carefully administered. The right dose should be given at the right time especially for about three to four weeks. Doctors should help the patients to adjust their bodies to the changes when it comes to the time of discontinuing from medication. The last treatment is beta-blockers. It controls certain physical anxiety symptoms such as sweating and shivering.

The strength presented in the article “Treating Mental Health Disorders” is the possibility of anxiety disorder coexisting with other psychological or physical disorders. Many individuals commonly experience an anxiety disorder that is accompanied by another disorder. Such illnesses are common and need to be treated immediately after undergoing medical assessment to reduce chances of other likely causes. The article presents an anxiety disorder as a mental illness that makes individuals to worry about certain events that they encounter in their lifetime (National Institute of Mental Health, 2011).

My view is that social health workers in mental health care such as therapists in public and private agencies should work together towards reducing cases of mental illness in the society. Psychological health should be given special attention immediately before the situation worsens. This is because if the disease is left untreated early, it may inflict severe consequences to the person suffering from it. Community psychological health hospitals should work together with other stakeholders in order to provide adequate services to individuals suffering from mental illness. Consequently, incase individuals show early symptoms of these disease, a therapist should be immediately called to carry out medical examination on the patient.


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