The Forsaken…. American Tragedy in Russia, Last Two Questions are from Whirlwind…Pearl Harbor

1. Why were the American citizens willing to immigrate to Russia in the 1930?

Many of the African Americans who were living in the Northeast or Midwest were living in a poor state because they were allocated in the unproductive land that did not participate economically. The increased slavery made numerous black Americans to shift their residence to Russia. Mostly, this was characterized by the evasion of the slavery that was associated with oppression and poor conditions that the slaves faced. In addition, the then government did not support those states where the slaves where due to the emergence of racial segregation in America. The flooding and the boll weevil that destroyed their crops was another reason why these Americans were willing to migrate from America to Russia. Therefore, the desire to have a new life, which was the spirit of adventure, and also the employment factor made many people to shift to Russia

What were their backgrounds, and what did they have in common?

The common feature of the Russian heritage that both the Americans and the Russian had was a link that encouraged many Americans to migrate.

2. Why was Russia willing to accept and allow U.S. citizens to immigrate to Russia?

America in those times had become or had acquired the title of super power after it had conquered the Soviet Union that was dominated by Russia. Thus, the accumulation and settlement of the Americans in Russia would mean that the Soviet Union was growing and later having the ability to challenge the strong powers of America. Thus, this migration posed a lot of risk to the United States for it showed disorganization and ignorance that surrounded their system of governance.

What motivated the Ford Motor Company?

The high number of foreign investments on the company gave it a more stable financial base to enable the company to grow. In addition, the trade agreement between the Russia and the Americans was fairly vital in the provision of fuel for the motor vehicles since Russia was the greatest source of fuel.

Why were the Russians willing to allow U.S. businesses to establish them selves in Russia?

The establishment of US businesses in Russia was beneficial to the Russians since it facilitated technological knowledge transfer. In addition, the trade transaction of the Americans in Russia brought income to the economy of Russians thereby boosting the economic growth in Russia.

4. Why was the U.S. government unwilling to help those Americans trying to get out of Russia?

The US government was reluctant to help those Americans who had migrated to Russia because they had spread a bad image of the American governance. They had brought shame through the accusation that the US government was unable to provide employment and also protection for its citizens. This was an annoying experience that made the US government to be reluctant in helping those escapees.

What efforts and attempts did the U.S. government take to protect them?

The United States and the Soviet Union entered an agreement that allowed the immigrants in the Russia to migrate to Israel. Furthermore, this action was to help the Jews who were discriminated due to their religious background from further oppression. It also had a lot of significance in helping the people of United States who could not cope with the communist era to move to Israel to seek refuge. This was because, the Russian form of governance had been transformed into a communist form of governance and thus it did not favor the existence of the Americans who were Christians.

Why wasn’t the U.S. more aggressive on this matter?

The lack of aggressiveness of the US government in addressing this issue was facilitated by the intention of America to maintain cohesion between different states in the Soviet Union and the communist states. This action had been aimed to prevent further eruption of the war in the world. Hence, the US government was keen to enhance peace and unity in the states of the world.

5. Why has this tragic event been forgotten? Whirlwind

This event has been forgotten because it played little or it had no effect on the operation of the US governance. The migration of these Americans was out of their deliberate will hence no one had forced them to migrate sequentially they were to face the results of their actions.

What difficulties did the U.S. have trying to operate out of India and China?

India and china were among the communist states that comprised the Russian states thus they were not supporting the American. This meant that China and India were silent enemies of America and in consequence they would possibly betray the American to other enemies.

What types of problems and difficulties did the U.S. encounter operating from he Marianas and Iwo Jima?

The US marine faced a tragic event that involved the out break of heavy fire from Mount Subibach which affected them greatly in terms of defense during the war.

3. What problems did the U.S. encounter in terms of leadership in the air war against Japan?

            The technical problems faced their engines was a challenge during the war. In addition, the suicidal bombers affected the US air force.

What was the strategy behind firebombing?

The fire bombing was aimed at capturing the Iwo Jima in which the US wanted to use it as a war base against Japan.

Was it effective?

The strategy was effective since the US army had the full support from both the marine and the air force.

 What other strategies would have been more effective?

The US could intensify the night raids against their opponents who also used to attack them unaware during the night.

Did it convince the Japanese to surrender?

The strategy to bomb Japan during the night was the greatest achievement that made the Japanese to surrender due to the destruction that was caused.

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