Air Pollution Solution- Limited Car Driving

Car exhaust fumes have been air pollutants since the invention of the car/automobile. In fact, in some countries like China, people walk through the major cities wearing masks due to the enormous amount of exhaust fumes in the air from the many cars driven by the high population. Car exhaust fumes have been known to be one of the major causes of global warming as they contain carbon monoxide, which is the leading component causing global warming. The developed countries have more air pollution due to the exhaust fumes more than the developing countries since they have more cars.

Limiting car driving can greatly play a role in reducing the amount of air pollution taking place in a given period. Families heading to one place at a particular time should use one car. For example if the children are going to school and the parents are going to work, the parents should first drop the children in school then go to work. The one remaining with the car should be the one working furthest. The other option would be to let the children take the school bus and the parents alternating the days one remains with the car. If two family cars contributed to 1% of the air pollution for example, then using one car would reduce it to 0.5% or at least 0.75% if the exhaust produced was not equal in each car. Sharing a car with employees living in the same area and working in the place would also reduce the cars being driven.

Companies can also play a role in reducing the number cars being driven. This can be done by providing transport in form of buses, which carry high capacities. For example, if a bus carries a capacity of forty people with the bus driver included, then the company would have saved the environment exhaust fumes from thirty-nine cars, which produce different amount of these fumes. This would also reduce the traffic jam caused by the many vehicles in the cities. This can also apply to schools. Schools or the government can also buy buses and have all students be picked at given points. This would prevent each student from going to school using his or her own means of transport. This would reduce the cars being used thus reduce the exhaust fumes.

There are countries that do not have strict rules on air pollution through sound. There are drivers who are known to put high music in the cars, especially the young people. If a bus was to be used as a means of transport, and fifteen of the forty passengers would have put loud music if they used their own vehicles, then the air pollution through music sound would have reduce4d by fifteen cars. If there were forty buses in a particular town, then it would have reduced by six hundred cars. That is how it can make a difference in a bigger city or a whole country in general. This also applies to the sound produced by car hoots would also reduce by a great percentage.

Reducing the number of cars being driven would also reduce the amount of fuel being used thus reduce the amount of oil/gasoline being produced. All these are air and environment polluters. As indicated, earlier, they produce carbon monoxide, which is harmful to the environment. The materials used to make the cars are also harmful to the environment especially when disposed off in the wrong manner. The smell of gasoline is also an air polluter. There are people who cannot stand the smell especially when it is being burned by the cars then released into the air. People can walk or use bicycles, which would really help the situation. There are places where animal transport is still being used. Let us try to reduce the number of vehicles on the road as much as possible as it would play a major role in reducing air pollution.

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