Name: Course: Lecturer: Date:  Breaking Traditions     Traditions are those beliefs or customs that are passed through from one generation to another in a society and still they maintain their originality. Traditions as used in the society, they maintain the status quo of a community or a society. Additionally, it is these traditions that help in the maintenance of discipline or the code of ethics in the different behaviors of human beings. Most of the time old people especially the parents are the guardians of these traditions. Usually they are very upset if these traditions are not followed by their children. This is because they believe that if their children are breaking them, they are not behaving the correct. However, there are some traditions, which if broken are not worth because they change for the better. In my own opinion, I think parents are justified to become mad if the traditions are broken.     Parents are justified to become upset if the traditions are broken because they help in maintaining the behavior of their children. For example, it is a tradition for people to wait until they are married before they indulge in sexual activities. This is a tradition, which even originates from the bible. When this tradition is broken, very many things might happen. The first thing, which can happen, is early or teenage pregnancy. When this happens, the parents of the child are usually not ready to raise their child. Additionally, the child is raised by a single parent, which is very unhealthy for a child growing with one parent. The second things that can happen are the many diseases that are usually brought about by premature sex. These days there are so many diseases like AIDS, which are very deadly, and they are usually brought about by sex before marriage. Therefore, the parents are justified in becoming upset if the tradition is broken because if sex before marriage was followed these problems of diseases would not be there.     Another reason as to why the parents are justified in becoming upset when a tradition is broken is that they are protecting their children. For instance, in the olden days women were supposed to wear decent cloths. This means that they were not supposed to wear those clothes that are revealing too much of their body. However, when the children of today especially the small girls wear this clothes that are revealing their bodies, they are at risk from very many things. First, they are at risk from rapists. Usually before a rapist rapes a woman, he has to be sexually motivated so that he can commit the crime. Therefore, when the young teenage girls wear clothes that are revealing their bodies, they are provoking the rapists into raping them. It is for this reason that the parents are justified in becoming upset because they are protecting their children from dangers.     On the other hand, parents should not be too harsh due to the traditions being broken because some of the traditions are broken to help the nation. For example, in the olden days there was no equality. Women were treated like commodities and they did not have a right to education or work. Recently, after the tradition was broken, women had access to education and they can be able to work. This has led to the production of prominent women like Margret Thatcher who saved Britain from inflation when she was the prime minister of Britain.      In conclusion, I think that the parents are justified in becoming upset when a tradition is broken because they are trying to maintain the good behaviors of their children. Very many parents want the best from their children. Therefore, they would do anything to ensure that their children achieve this. Additionally, parents are like the guardians or custodians of these traditions. These traditions are there to protect the children. Therefore, if they are broken, I think the parents are justified to become upset because they are trying to protect their children.

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