Comparism: Avatar compared to Inception

Type of narrative

In both movies, the directors of the film have used the non-linear narrative style. Non-linear narratives involve action, which is a very important element in non-linear movies. The plot of the movie is domineered by the theme of the movie and the framing action in the Avatar by James Cameron (Dixon and Gwendolyn 89). Cameron uses special effects to unfold the story; he weaves them in the story beautifully. The movie is a joyous journey into the end of times. In the Avatar, there are scenes of the military taking over using shock and awe strategies to dominate the ruthless corporation in terrorizing peaceful indigenous people, the Navi. These people posses all the traits humans idealize. In the movie Inception, the same intrigue unfolds in the movie as we see Cobb, the main actor trying to manipulate people’s dreams. With his team, they want to insert an idea known as the inception.

Character with the biggest obstacle

  In the Inception, it is sad that the story is unfolded in the dream and all the characters are dreamed by Cobb (Dixon and Gwendolyn 34). Mal and Cobb are stuck in a limbo together, she gets out but Cobb does not. He represents the troubled mind. He has a shady past and this is revealed by his inner demon that takes shape of his dead wife. His dead wife is always intruding his sleep and sabotages his plans. It is sad that he cannot let go of her memory despite the harm it does to him. This is a major obstacle for Cobb. Mal is also portrayed as a disturbed figure that reverts to sheer madness at the snap of her finger. She is dangerous and manipulative because she intrudes at the most inopportune of times and always messes up things. She plays the victim when she is always tormented by Cobb and wishing with her every fibre to be with her until old age.

Compare and contrast the feelings of the main characters or protagonist 

In the movie the Avatar, poor Jake Sully is the protagonist. He has two roles to play the veteran military and disabled and as the Avatar, he is the main character in the movie. In the movie Inception, Cobb is dreaming in the whole movie and he is not categorized as the protagonist, although Mal is. Cobb is more or less the main character. Since we are watching Cobb’s dream, we never actually meet Mal. Both characters play two roles in their respective movies. In the Avatar, Jake pursues the role of saving the Pandora from corporate destruction as he weighs his pros and cons of doing so as the Avatar. He however is a military veteran in his wheel chair, and this displays his limitation (Dixon and Gwendolyn 105). Cobb is the agent trained in dream infiltration or manipulation in his dual personality. On one other hand, he is incredibly suave and proper while also being sharp on his feet. Both characters in their double personalities have the heroic trait and the protagonist trait.

In the Avatar, the main characters personal issues were undefined; as the movie unfolds, we see Jake’s dilemma regarding his legs the audience expects an issue to be met. He is paralyzed physically and for this reason, he is livelier as an Avatar than as himself. He joins the space marines despite the fact that his condition does not change. In the Inception, the story is unfolded in the dream and all the characters are dreamed by Cobb (Dixon and Gwendolyn 34). Mal and Cobb are stuck in a limbo together; she gets out but Cobb does not. The two contrast here because while Jake’s transformation to the Avatar makes him livelier, Cobb’s state in the dream represents a troubled mind; he is trapped, while the Avatar is freed from his limitations

The narrative style, editing, and/or cinematography

The movie Avatar takes a non-linear narrative form. In his movie, Cameron has carefully arranged the series of events in unveiling the Avatar story. With every-visual tool he can muster, he takes the viewer to the tacticans demonstrating every turn, every valiant death or cowardly act changes its course. The cinematography in this movie is detailed and delivers the message home. The screen is alive with more action and the soundtrack pops with robust music displaying the visual elements in the story (Dixon and Gwendolyn 57). The editing attributed to the movie maintains the breathless pace that exhilarates rather than fatigues. Not a minute is wasted when making the movie; it is one of its kind. The characters bring out vitality both in human form and as natives.

The most powerful character          

The most powerful character in the Avatar is Neytiri acted by Zoë Saldana. Neytiri effectively has the character of an ideal woman; she is strong and pure. She also has a sensitive side to her personality. She makes one fall in love with the movie through her. She is honest and of exceptional beauty. She is a warrior, independent, lovable and full of love and you can see this through her eyes. In the movie, she falls in love with the avatar. She is so irresistible and makes a good couple with Jake Sully. Neytiri is a princess in the movie and daughter to the king and queen of the Omaticayan people also known as the Navi (Dixon and Gwendolyn 74). Neytiri finds Jake in the forest and though at first she tries to kill him, she ends up saving him. Neytiri teaches Jake her ways after bringing him to her home tree where her people dwell. Neytiri spends all her efforts teaching Jake everything there is to know. When Jake is asked to choose a woman he wants in a special ceremony, he chooses Neytiri.

The bigger impression of the two movies

In the movie, the Avatar James Cameron has delivered great vision and a subtle message to his viewers. His main theme is about living in harmony with the environment. Avatar has great cinematography, fabulous 3-D imagery and excellent side effects (Dixon and Gwendolyn 67). The human characters take on their avatar characters subtly. The Navi people are reminiscent of first nations, aboriginals and other indigenous people. The film has an edenic theme. The movie is on light year from the earth in the mid 22nd century with floating mountains and landscape. It takes place in a toxic environment and hostile natives.

In the final third part of the movie, there is the battle in Pandora. The planets final life is faced out. The battle is very engaging, creative displaying every act of cowardice and bravery alike. In the Inception, Nolan has limited his movie. The dreamer is the most powerless of all the other characters. The enslaved notion behind it makes the movie less interesting. The agents in the dream share in it and can neither change nor challenge the original dream’s architect.

Director/writer that made the Avatar

Cameron brought out the real picture in the story, having written the story before. Cameron deeply focused on the western going back to the vanishing America. After writing the story years back, he discovered that technology would make it happen. Cameron has displayed the best of collaborations (Dixon and Gwendolyn 45). The motion capture brought out is of very high quality and every detail of every character and performance is neatly displayed to the one watching the movie. The Avatar is the most appealing distinction that makes this movie different from the rest. It is a fully believable, flesh and blood romance. Every bit of technology in avatar serves the greater purpose of a deeply felt love story.

Reaction to the movie

The movie Avatar is centered in the 22nd century; the world is invaded by aliens who are twelve feet tall. Their life is what any human would idealize. This is not what I thought of the century to come. The alien invasion is more of a myth than a reality. The possibility of Jake taking up the form of an able Avatar is contradictory of his human nature. He is a paralyzed military veteran but takes up the role of an avatar as the prince charming saved by Neytiri. Anyone would fall in love with Neytiri (Dixon and Gwendolyn 34). She neither has make up nor shoes but she is appealing to the viewer. The love between her is admirable though too good to be true. In the movie, Jake Sully’s role as the Avatar and his human self are quite different from each other. In the movie, he is torn between doing what is wrong or right. In the end, the future of the earth and the future of Neytiri and Jake are in his hands. The whole idea behind the avatar is a completely new experience.










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