Subject: Management roles in business organization


Business enterprises are formed by groups of people who have a common goal, which is mainly to achieve a higher output in the area of production. These groups sometimes are not able to manage the company and they therefore employ people to represent them in the company, who are known as the management. In the world of business, the management has played a key role in ensuring that all sectors are working in order to facilitate profit in the business. However, there are people who argue that the owners of the business should control the business while other thinks that the different managers of the business are best suited for the control of the business.


  • History of management

In the industrial era, the different roles of management were assigned to the various engineers of the different machines that were being operated. This is because they were the only ones who could operate these machines. Therefore, they worked as intermediaries between the machines and the people. However, in 1903, Fredrick Taylor created the theory of management. He saw that the different workers were working for more hours but less duties and the management at the time was failing in creating the best structures for management.

  • Different managerial roles

The first role of the management is to set up the different objectives and goals of the company. For every business to flourish there should be a strategic plan that has been laid down to make people remain focused in their work. Therefore, the management of the organization must ensure there are goals that will keep the employees focused. Another role of the management is to supervise and motivate the employees in the different duties that the employees perform in the company. The management should ensure that the employees are working in accordance with the goals and objectives of the company. Another role of the management is to ensure that the different employees are given the correct training in relation to the company’s work. They should make sure that the employees have received the correct training so that they can be efficient in their duties.

  • Different disadvantages of the management

The management of different companies tends to abuse their roles and powers that they have been given by the owners of the business. They do this by harassing the different employees in very many ways including in a sexual nature. Additionally, they tend to intimidate the different employees with threats making them not perform as expected. Moreover, the management of the companies may use every opportunity to be corrupt by performing backdoor transaction thus stealing from the organization.


Does the information of the role of the management outweigh the disadvantages of the management?


            I do not support the management roles in the business organization because the management is in most cases responsible for the failure of many companies. I believe that since they do not own the business they are more likely not to perform their assigned roles up to standard or even attempt to go beyond the call of their duty. Additionally, the management of different organizations is not supervised. I also do not support the idea of having the management because they will tend to abuse their powers since the owners of the business are not always there to supervise them. Lastly, the cost of employing the management could be reduced if the owners took control of their business.


I am going to shape my report around a proposal argument that the management used by different companies needs to be reviewed since they usually tend to become unethical in the performance of their duties. I believe that more people including the employees need to learn about the different roles of the management so that they can know where the management is misusing their powers. Therefore, I will use the steps of research so that I can perform my research in detail.


I will make sure I have completed the essay before the deadline by ensuring that I have done the necessary class work and I have used the syllabus. Additionally, I will make sure that I have checked all my mail regularly. This will ensure that I have met all the deadlines of the essay.


I have been using the web sources to perform my research on the different roles of the management where the libguide database has been very helpful in providing me with the different sources. Additionally, I intend to use other databases so that I can have more evidence to support my views.

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The role of the manager is one topic that very many people think is controversial because they assume that companies cannot do without the management. The only thing they do not know is that most of the times the managers abuse their powers and positions to act unethically. Therefore, my paper would be based on the advantages of the different owners managing their own business. I will be very grateful if people will have an opportunity to read my paper and be educated about the unethical behavior of the management.

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