A Practice Personal Essay for College Application

            Learning accords a significant function within an individual’s life as concerned with the subject of development. A number of individuals have limited the leaning function to a formal setting that comprises of a classroom, several instructors, books for recording and reading purposes, and dusty boards amongst others. This however is a myopic perspective that is quite unhealthy and erroneous to the society as it lessens the importance of other learning areas. I believe that the family accords the initial and most basic learning area for young children. Parents, and more generally the adults, are accorded the liability of imparting necessary virtues in children as the basis for subsequent learning from other sources. Once as I was five years old, I lifted some chewing gum from a neighborhood store and this accorded a rightly reprimand for the wrongful act; through this I realized that the given deed was unacceptable and accorded the necessary changes in my conduct.

Through this, I accorded significant appreciation to my parents and esteemed the relationship that we had wit them as the youngest child. Having this form of close association with my parents, it was therefore very annoying when they decided to enlist me in a school for formal learning. This is because I thought that my parents were trying to purge me from home, as they no longer loved me. Therefore, I acquired a negative and bigotry attitude towards education and the other learners. With time, this affected my learning ability and I became a preschool dropout. My parents were very tolerant with my conduct and appreciative of the fact that I was naïve and only required proper guidance towards the learning system. With time, I reentered the schooling institution. With a positive attitude instituted in that period, I have been able to achieve within the various academic levels and set targets. Being the last born in a family of three has acted as an impetus for the delivery of achievements in all life areas.

This encompassing aspect has infused the asset of diligence within me, since success can only be chiefly accorded to individual effort. In addition to this, the formal learning system has through the practice of learning schedules, taught me the aspects of proper time handling and organization as prerequisites to goal attainments. My friends even call me the ‘list girl’ due to the organization schedules that I have for every period and activity. The other aspect that has been acquired form school is bravery. As the last born, I was very timid and led a solitude life, overshadowed by my older siblings. My friends therefore comprised of my parents and my two imaginary friends known as Pootsie and Tina. I never visited any place without Tina and Pootsie and as we headed out together, my parents would prepare meals for all of us. With schooling and the proper perspective on students, I was able to create new acquaintances and therefore sent Pootsie and Tina.

By mastering courage to associate with individuals, I was able to learn new interest with the latest being civically inclined. I therefore contended for the position of the students’ president and lost, but it was a good experience as it taught me the need for handling failure in a positive approach. I discovered my patient personality within the exercise and accorded it with the same ranks as my other interest like the Easter communions and community services like cooking, counseling, painting, and baby care that have revealed my persona towards healthy development. The latter has also enhanced my diligence, as it comprises of at leas one hundred and fifty hours on a yearly basis.

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