Technological Advancements in Communication


Technological Advancements in Communication







Technological Advancements in Communication

Technological Advancements in Communication Discussed in the Article

In the current world, there has been a lot of enhancement in communication technologically. Tries has been through the rise of internet sources among other data gathering technologies. Therefore, the technological advancements discussed in the article “Superhero in the cubicle” include the internet, which is used for e-mailing, chatting, sending instant messages, and Blogging. The major advanced technologies are the web-based tools such as wikinomics, blog, and mashup (Ellen, 2009).

Types of Communication

Mashup server software is a technological advancement tool in communication that enables the users to generate information without considering the format used. For instance, web pages, straight text, and spreadsheet among others. It also helps in gathering data from both internal and external sources, putting it together and redeploys it mainly in new patterns. These new patterns may involve information dense and an extremely searchable website. This software allows people working from different locations to search for information over similar topics without finding any difficulties; while on the other hand, wikinomics helps in combining record keeping, blogging, bookmaking among other activities (Citrano, 2009). In addition, this advanced technology helps the workers to file all receipts, forms, e-mail, instant messaging chats, and voicemail practices.

How the two Types of Communication could be used in the Workplace

Both the mashup server software and wikinomics can be used in gathering and generating information at the workplace, could be useful in managing and prioritizing work, and will be useful in providing feedback over the task provided to workers. For instance, wikinomics will be very vital in keeping and maintaining records, book making and blogging, while mashup will be used in carrying out various initiatives by different individuals from different locations.

Do these technological advancements in communication follow what is traditionally considered business communication? Why?

These technological advancements in communication follow what is traditionally considered business communication because in any business setting, communication should be more efficient and effective from top management to the bottom level. This can be achieved through improvising better communication tools and strategies. Therefore, the technological advancement helps fulfill what is traditionally considered business communications. These new advanced technologies are extremely significant in delivering work and generating the required feedback. They also ensure that only the required and the necessary information is received in the most significant format.













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