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The “Charity Event” - Accurate Essays

The “Charity Event”

The “Charity Event”


i) Introduction————————————————————————————– (2)

-How I was elected as the Minister for Welfare Activities in my university

-My main responsibilities as the Minister for Welfare Activities

ii) Paragraph 2—————————————————————————————- (2-3)

-Organizing my first event

-Names of the guests

-The preparations done for the event

iii) Paragraph 3————————————————————————————— (3)

-Reasons for hosting the event

-Guests who had confirmed to attend the event

iv) Paragraph 4————————————————————————————— (3-4)

-The beginning of the event’s day

– How the event progressed

-How the event was interrupted as it was sailing smoothly

v) Conclusion—————————————————————————————– (4-5)

-What caused the interruption of the event?

-How the once successful event ended on a bad note






After the students’ union elections in my university, it looked to be quite a promising year for me having snatched one of the 10 highly coveted posts. Minister for Welfare Activities was the name of my new post in the students’ union cabinet. Among my responsibilities were to take care of the sick in school, handle any grievance coming from the students first before it gets to the dean, take charge of all the charity exercises in the college and suggest organize income-generating activities that would finance the welfare society budget. It was quite an achievement for me to have been elected to head this docket. In the start of my year on the job, I had not expected to see or experience such a traumatizing event that happened under my watch.


Soon it was time for me to organize the first charity event in the campus. The guest list I was supposed to work with was handed to me by the dean and she said to make sure things run smoothly. The names on the guest list included names of the vice chancellor, the deputy vice chancellor, a number of ministers in the government, top staff in the university, all the lecturers and department heads and lastly all the students. These were just the preparation stages for an event that was set to happen three weeks later. I made sure that I was up to speed with all the organizing details, including who was called, who has confirmed of their presence on the day and who shall not be available. The planning was going quite smooth, almost everything had checked out fine. The venue, the food, the beverages that were of course non-alcoholic drinks, the guest list had quite a good response and generally, everything was going okay. This was now around two weeks to the d-day when I was scheduled to make a formal announcement to the students informing them of the function. I made sure the word really spread round and targeted maximum attendance. There was this thing about competing among the student leaders of who shall organize the best function and the most successful and attended one. I was looking to bag the prize for that one so I gave the organization of this event my all.

The event was geared at raising funds to build a children’s home for the destitute children in the universities’ neighborhood. The college is located on the outskirts of town and most of the area surrounding it has slums. Therefore, the children living in these slums did not have proper food, clothing, medical care and a proper roof over their heads. This was the main aim of our fundraiser and having presented the idea and the logistics myself, I had quite an understanding of the area and the people who live in it. Confirmations and cancellations from our very important guests were still coming in and members of my organizing staff and committee were working quite hard to make sure this event was successful for both our sake and the poor children’s sake. A week to the d-day and the preparations were well underway. The caterers at the event were prepared and had confirmed their attendance. Of course, these were the most important people. The sound and systems crew had also confirmed their arrival and promised state of the art coverage of the function. Eighty percent of the very important guests had actually called in and confirmed of their attendance and of course, I knew the students would show up in large numbers since it was not a school day. The caterers also had the responsibility of decorating the venue so I knew the event was covered well and my team and I had a chance to relax and wait for the day.

Waking up that morning, I had a picture of success in my mind and just how colorful the event was going to be together with how much we would really help those needy kids. I told myself that this was going to be the busiest morning in my life. The grounds of the venue were prepared well. The décor was just amazing. I was inspecting the place while guests arrived one by one. The students had quite a large area to occupy and their seats were still empty while the guests arrived. The function finally kicked off with thousands of students in attendance. I had not expected such a colorful event and the dean, who was also the master of ceremony, was impressed. Lunch was served to all and the most important part of the day came. The fundraiser was now underway. I must say the dean had it in her to convince people to part with their money. We raised 800 million, which was more than enough, and way past our target. Well into the evening as I smiled beamingly at my success, with the celebrations underway and people mingling, the students started shouting demanding for music. Therefore, music was played for them since there was no harm in it. All of a sudden, I noticed a peculiar movement of students to one end of the grounds and the cups they were holding in their hands not the ones we had provided. There was an air of rowdiness and I had to go check what was going on. To my surprise, I saw several huge cans of beer arranged at the back and students were being served with alcohol. I had no idea who had organized this and was horrified at the thought that the dean and the vice chancellor would find out about it.


My luck ran out as a drunken student threw herself on one of the high office staff. The once fundraiser had turned into a not just a party but a party with drunken youth. The rowdiness, the violence and the fights that broke out rendered the university staff speechless and horrified. They fled for their dear lives and as if that was not enough, seats, the uncontrollable crowd damaged tents and property. Police had to be called to intervene and control the crowd. The loss incurred during that night was paid off from my budget; I received a major scolding from the dean, the vice chancellor and his deputy and almost all the heads of departments. I was accused of having organized for the alcohol from my budget, which was a grave offence. All the praise for having organized the best fundraiser the university ever had was just blown away. My actions were good but the consequences were terrible.

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