The Health Care for All Americans

The Health Care for All Americans






The Health Care for All Americans

  1. The title of the article is ‘The Health Care for All Americans?’ that was written by Warren Greenberg in Washington on November 18, 2003. It was then published in November 23, 2003 in the New York Times magazine.
  2. The new development reported in the article is about health care reform. This is because of worries that resulted due to increasing health care costs that were frequently increasing thus making the low-income earners unable to meet such costs. This led to a call for the federal government to reform or make new changes on the health care provision.
  3. The ethical element raised in the article is the universal coverage of health services for the benefits of all people. Many people under 65 years do not have medical insurance especially those in low paying jobs. The ethical issue is to reform the health care sector through providing universal medical insurance as well as reducing medical expenses to allow everyone meet the expenses thus saving lives of many people.

The article provides diverse opposing sides for medical reform (Ramage, Bean and Johnson, 2010). Some debating members oppose that creating a universal medical health will mean taking a way what the rich has and provide to the lazy ones. They also argue that the highly dependent number for the health care system will burden the government because the Americans have the highest life expectancy level. Therefore, social factors like Aids and crimes will affect the expectancy level thus making the government to spend more on such social factors. On the other hand, some members of the debate support the healthcare reform by arguing that many dollars are wasted on other sectors

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