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The management pyramid





Summary of Casino Management

The management pyramid

A good casino manager must have a number of skills in order to make sure that a casino is maximizing it operations. The management pyramid is a kind of a structure that has levels in which a manger must operate in order to ensure that all arms of a casino are fully operational at all times. A manager must have human skills. This is a manager’s capability of working through and with people in order to get results. These skills involve ones ability to motivate and lead the people in the casino. Research has shown that 20-90% of ones ability is affected by motivation. Conceptual skills include a manager’s capability of seeing the bigger picture. These enable him/her to put his operations in accordance with those of the organization’s goals (Kilby, Jim & Anthony 44).

Table Games

The games manager is normally in charge of the table games personnel and operations. He/she oversees the shift managers and ensures that they carry out their duties in the rightful manner (Kilby et al.168). This also includes that their personal life is taken care of (as long as the management can handle it) if it is interfering with their work. The Dealer is in charge of the operation of a particular table game. This is done in order to ensure that all tables are taken care of and their operations overlooked (Kilby et al.171). Dealers should follow the house rules put to conduct a particular game. If a dealer is corrupt in any way, then the whole business can go down. A pit manager is in charge of supervising the activities in the table games in a particular pit. He also oversees the floor persons and dealers within that particular pit. He is also in charge of the protection of the games and customer relations (Kilby et al.172).


The slot manager is in charge of the operations in the slot department. This includes the selection of machines and determining the floor configuration. The machine maintenance and operations are also taken care of by the slot manager. He/she also oversees the head slot mechanic shift managers (Kilby et al.108). The change attendants are in charge of customer service transactions. This also includes making change for the customers. They are also in charge of a particular bank as assigned by the slot manager. The Booth cashiers are in charge of completing the jackpot payout and the transactions in the hopper fill. They also make change and redeem coins for slot customers (Kilby et al.110). The disobedience or incompetence of one of these employees may cause a terrible damage to the business. Each manager is expected to oversee his department in the rightful way, as he/she will be responsible for the outcome.

Casino Marketing

The director of casino marketing is in charge of all aspects of marketing the casino. This also includes maintaining and developing a database of customers. This is done so as not to loose the already existing customers as one tries to find new ones. Their feedback is also captured in this database (Kilby et al. 255). The manager is also in charge of designing and implementing programs in order to attract new customer and have the old ones visit again. He supervises operations in the slot club, branch offices, club hosts, tournaments and any other extraordinary event. Hosts are in charge of identifying and attracting new casino customers. They also service the needs of the customers already in existence.

As well put, all managers are important, if one manager fails to play his/her role well, the whole pyramid will come crumbling down. The whole business depends on the operations of these managers. The overall manager should ensure that all managers are working efficiently and effectively.


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