The Nature of Organization and Management







The Nature of Organization and Management

The nature of organization in Trio Telecom

An organization is a system that transforms inputs such as raw material, human capital and efforts in order to produce outputs necessary for societal needs. An organization is a social group that distributes duties for a collective objective. This is because when two or more individuals are combined, they can accomplish the common purpose through clear communication. An Organization is like a machine that leads to management. Organization may constitute buildings and equipments. However, the nature of the organization is those social systems being characterized by social interaction of people in order to pursue organizational objectives. The Trio Telecom can be viewed as social, mechanical or socio-technical system

The Trio Telecom Company can be viewed as social or socio-technical system, which has varied needs. These needs should be carefully managed in order to enable the company to function properly (Cummings and Worley, 2005). Managers in the Trio Telecom Company use their organization through influencing the way they manage it. Since it is a social system, it develops social cohesion as well teamwork in order to satisfy the needs of their members. The mission of the company is to ensure that they satisfy customers. This is through providing them with high quality telecommunication services. Their vision is to possess a leading position in the Gulf and improve lives through keeping people in touch with each other without a restriction of distance.

In addition, the Trio Telecom is a machine or mechanical device intended to convert inputs into outputs. It is arranged in hierarchical and it lines with the authority, communications and allocates the rights and responsibilities of each employee. The company works as a team that is composed of diverse interrelated teamwork. Employees in the company work together as a team in order to produce quality services. In addition, the company employs analytical approach within the organization. The decisions in the organization are resolved basing on logical analysis of information provided. This is done through utilizing the available statistics as well as questionnaires to achieve the superlative solutions thus improving customer services standards.

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