The Philadelphia Story

The Philadelphia Story

The difference between the photograph and a picture is that a photograph is more anticipated a picture on the other hand is unreal more like idolized, drawn, or taken unaware. The shots looked like they were really posing and not caught off guard. The photos of Tracy taken earlier appear as though she had not been warned of the pictures being taken. The photographs give insights in the kind of relationship Tracy had with her former husband. The photos do not necessary represents Tracy change of marriage because her ex husband is standing next to them. It looks more as if a wife caught cheating and the argument that follows.

I agree with Cavell argument on the Philadelphia story that the conversation is a representative of the American story. That in a way represents the new America with its newfound freedom. It represents the unions and domestic fallout of the societal bonds that become more flexible as freedom prevails. The film revolves around an affair and the up hazard ideas to find love a new. The story is told from a conversation point of view and the flow of the story is deduced from the understanding of the writer. The information given about America is vague. The story gives the picture of freedom of speech and freedom of choice among its citizen.

Unlike the story of Jerry and Lucy who found their happiness in their reconciliation Tracy and her ex husband have internal wrangles that they cannot get over. Tracy has no idea of what she wants we are informed that she tries to convince her self that she is in love. Therefore, she is not getting married because that is the conviction in her. Her ex husband on the other hand will not let her be constantly following her to make sure that the marriage cannot push through. The journalist also has apart to play for their constant throbbing on the case makes it even dirtier than it actually is. Taking photographs often to try to make as story and provide information that is not true.

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