The Religious Life of Planet Earth

The Religious Life of Planet Earth







The Religious Life of Planet Earth


Religion is one broad category where people have a belief system that establishes the moral values and the relationship of humanity to spirituality in the society (Nye, 2008 p1). This means that there is a supreme supernatural power in which the people worship and believe. Therefore, to note whether a society or a community is religious is comprehensible but at the same time to define the criterion to use, it is a bit difficult. This is because there are others who believe that there is no religion. However, there is common criterion to all beings in determining the religion of people. Therefore, in the paper, a legitimate criterion is established to determine the religious life of planet earth.


An excellent criterion to establish the religious life of planet earth can be obtained from the definition of the word religion. Religion is based on a belief system where a society believes in a supernatural power or being. Additionally, it is also, where the society derives their moral values. Lastly, religion tends to give beings an experience of where they came from. Therefore, in light of this, the best criterion is to establish whether planet earth has the three characteristics that describe or define religion.

When one is on planet earth, there are certain things that can be observed. The first thing is that people there have a routine that they follow. This routine varies with different cultures that are there on earth. Additionally, this routine is based on different sets of beliefs that a society has (Nye, 2008 p3). For instance, they have a day that is set for worshiping. This day is common to many cultures, and it is known as Sunday. On this day, the people gather, on several locations, to perform several functions. They worship a supernatural being known as God. However, some societies have gods. Therefore, it is evidence enough that there is religious life on planet earth.

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