The Role of Promotion in Marketing




The Role of Promotion in Marketing







The Role of Promotion in Marketing

Components of the Promotion Mix in Use

Promotion entails many things. The elements of promotional mix include advertising, sales promotions, personal selling, direct marketing and public relations. Companies use this mix when promoting their products. They analyze the type of promotional mix that will be most suited for its customers and they use it to the specific target market. Marketers use different promotional strategies to ensure that they get more clients and expand in the market. They also use promotional strategies to introduce new products into the market, make more people interested in the products or services on offer, create more demand for their commodities, reinforce the brand, and provide information to their clients and the public (Chris, 2008). Southwest Airlines uses social media in its promotions. It has a blog where different people write about different topics, especially those that benefit the company. The writers talk about different product offers and deals that other people do not know about. This information is written by individuals who work for the airline and this means that the information is usually first hand and up to date. The blog also receives contributions from the airline’s customers and partners (Nuts about Southwest, 2011). In addition to this, the airline advertises its products and services on its website. The airline also has Facebook and Twitter accounts, which makes it easy to communicate with its stakeholders. The airline uses these social networks to interact with its clients. Customers can enquire about different things and they can learn more about the company when using these sites.

Appropriateness of Promotional Strategies

Promotional strategies are suited to specific target markets. Target markets include member of the airline, who include current, previous and potential customers. They also include people who influence the organization in different ways such as the media, special interest groups and various associations in the industry. The target market also includes different participants in the distribution market such as retailers, wholesalers and distributors (Chris, 2008). Southwest Airlines offers different deals, especially those that target their customers. The airline specializes in offering low cost flights to customers. It offers coupons and reward promotions. Therefore, the different promotional strategies are suited for the target markets. The company has been able to identify the needs of its customers and is in the business of fulfilling these needs. It has been able to offer different deals that are suited for specific clients. For instance, the airline has different offers to families and frequent travelers. It also has other deals where families and long-term customers can pay at a discount. The airline has different offers for the new customers and this encourages more people to choose it as their mode of travel.

Online Marketing

Online marketing would be beneficial to the airline. Online marketing includes blogs, discussion boards, chat rooms, company rating forums, social networking websites, and video and audio sharing sites among others (Mangold & Faulds, 2009). The airline has already realized this and is already implementing it. Online marketing enables more people to learn about a company. Many people would rather check a company online than visit the premises. This is because it is convenient. People can book their flights online, irrespective of where they are. Indeed, most people are often online most of the time anyway. This includes both professionals and students. The advent of social media has especially increased the rate at which people browse the internet. Companies that choose to promote their services and products online are at an advantage as they are able to reach a wider target market. People talk about the quality of services they have received from different companies as they chat on different sites. This is another form of promoting using different social sites. Additionally, the airline does not have to spend any money as it generally relies on its customers to spread the word about its services.























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