The Theology of work





The Theology of work

  1. What role does work play in society?

Working ensures continued development of the society through different sectors such as that of science and technology. According to the Holy Bible, if one does not work, he or she should not eat. No one can survive for long without food, meaning no food no life. Therefore, work is a source of daily food to human beings. The other role of work is to different man from other creatures, unlike most of the other creations only man should be able to work.

  1. How is the Book of Genesis relevant to the theology of work?

Unlikeother Biblical books, the message in book of Genesis is a conviction to human beings on how work is essential for their existence in the planet. Moreover, despite theology discussing work, it discusses man and how one should conduct him or herself in order to fulfill the will of God the Father. Book of Genesis then explains how man came into been and the connection between humankind and the Almighty God.

  1. What does it mean for work to reflect the very action of the Creator?

In the origin of the universe, according to the book of Genesis, God Himself worked for six days and rested in the seventh day. Moreover, he gave the first man and woman the role to multiply and fill the earth. Therefore, working reflects the deeds and will of the Almighty Creator. The art of working has been inherited from one generation to another and some of its fruits are the current developed world.

  1. What is the objective nature of? The subjective? Which is more important? What is the objective nature of the work you will be doing? Is there any threat that this will overtake the subjective nature of it?

The world is characterized by different creations. However, work is the only Biblical factor that has resulted to human being been dominion over the other creations. For instance, man has been able to domesticate animals and obtain food from them thus ensuring continued survival. However, unlike other creations, man has dominated and subdued the universe. This has been contributed by the fact that he is the ‘image of God’ and thus a subjective being with ability to act in rational ways. Whenever doing any work the individuals involved should accord it the dignity it deserves.

  1. How is capitalism a threat to the dignity of work?

Man was created to enjoy his or her acts or deeds. Originally, people used to work without complaining and it was voluntarily. However, with the growth of capitalism especially in the current world, groups such as workers organizations have been created indicating the end of the original work dignity. Capitalism may also contribute to man been treated as a tool of production and not accorded the required dignity.

  1. How is work related to family and nation?

For a family to exist there must be source of subsistence normally attained through work. Work makes the plans of a family such as education achievable and realistic. Indeed, a family is a community constituted by different working people.




  1. How does JP II relate Christ to work? The Cross and Resurrection?

After Jesus started his teaching, some people especially in Nazareth doubted who truly he was and insisted he was just a son of a carpenter. Association of Jesus to a carpenter associates him directly to work. Moreover, one of the Jesus main duties was to do the Gospel work. Christians feel that the burden of the cross-carried by Jesus was as a result of our sins contributed by human being’s work. Any human work is associated with toil and Christ also toiled through undergoing death.

  1. Reflection

Work forms the fundamental part of human being lives. Therefore, it is recommendable that people should try to maintain its original dignity. Even the Christ set the example to human beings by humbling Himself to be raised in carpenter’s family.

Allegretti Reading Summary

Examining profession and vocation is one of the methods of exploring “Transformist Model” implication. Becoming a profession is thought to be a path leading to world of self-sustainability. Word professional originated from Latin word “profess” which means to make a declaration publicly. This word differentiates the people who are referred to as professions, from the rest of the workers. On the other hand, vocation signifies exalted and higher status. Mostly, it is associated with calling or dedication. However, currently people think and feel that a calling is a simple job that requires little or no qualification and attracts a minimal salary. Despite the modern Catholics not talking about vocation, modern theology emphasizes on significance of spiritual work. Indeed, it sees legal law particularly as a calling as opposed to a profession. Self-interest contributes to different vocations and it is unavoidable part of life. Taking law as a vocation can really influence how a given lawyer executes his or her duties.

Cromartie Reading Summary

Different people feel that law is one of the professional that lacks direct interconnection with spiritual matters. Due to different nature of claims of represented clients, some lawyers have used orthodox methods as long as they guarantee success. It is evident that most of current lawyers are facing spiritual crisis. With time, law profession, which was meant to seek truth and justice, has changed to become courtroom wars against different sides. However, lawyers can still regain the lost initial purpose of the profession. This can be made possible by making their work serve as a ministry to their clients.

Reaction to Theme of Vocation or Calling

Ensuring that your deeds are as per the teachings and the ways of the Catholic Church will make a lawyer an ethical and a moral legal representative. Taking the law work as a profession can help a lawyer to combine professional duties with other ministry duties. As supported by John Cromartie being a lawyer can help in growing of a given person faith and spiritual life. Reflecting on lawyers and their spiritual journey, as an attorney maintaining truth and fairness will not only incline one more towards God but will serve as a tool of growing an individual faith. Understanding the true meaning of the word work can help in changing how a given person perceives what he or she does. For instance, as per Cromartie it only dawned to him how important the law profession was to him after studying and understanding the true meaning of the word work. According to John, it is through the sense of calling that one strives to deliver justice using fare methods and routes.

Church has for a long time advocated for fairness, truthfulness, and justice in any work and more importantly legal matters. Most of the legal cases that end up into the courtroom may at a point havepassed through a given spiritual minister. The question is, has the same Catholic Church, its followers and leaders managed to uphold the three virtues?

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