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The Truth behind Achievements - Accurate Essays

The Truth behind Achievements

The Truth behind Achievements

            Most people identify and appreciate achievements accomplished by others through the monetary awards or the public respect given. However, this might not be the best approach because people should instead recognize somebody depending on the individual’s efforts that contributed to the accomplishment. Success can therefore be used to describe a person’s effort to use all his resources with the best of their abilities to achieve a certain goal (Pim 1). The famous rich business mogul known as Donald Trump is a good example of a successful person. He has many qualities including being determined, aggressive and confident and this enables him to thrive in his businesses. He owns several firms that offer a variety of goods and services including real estate, drinking water, clothing and so much more. In addition, he is a known celebrity for his reality entertainment program known as ‘The Apprentice’ that has been aired in many countries worldwide.

‘The Apprentice’ is a television show in which a group of young business aspirants competes for an opportunity to work for Donald Trump’s company. Donald is an appealing individual who demands respect from the participants during the interviewing process. He offers significant viewpoints to respond to questions asked by the participants on areas that they need assistance. The participants of the reality show trust Donald Trump’s views because they are straight to the point and bold (BBC Mobile, 2010). Although he came from a wealthy background, he still took the opportunity to create a more successful future for himself instead of resting on his parents’ fortune. His parents were involved in the real estate business that was worth billions of dollars and this enabled them to afford offering Trump high quality education.

Donald Trump’s accomplishment is exceptional because many achievements are observed in the transitions where poor people work extremely hard to escape poverty and help people in their community. Donald’s marketing strategies of his investments are proper and well planned out. For example, when faced with a business question involving the most appropriate source of capital for a new investment, he offers a well thought solution and if the credit problem surfaces, he is confident of his financial stability. He is also a valuable negotiator in his businesses as he is able to convince his clients that the high prices for his products are practical due to the value that enables the consumers to benefit. In addition, Donald finds a way to ensure his competitors sell to him their products in a way that their profits will be less than his company’s returns. This exceptional strategy requires one to have good skills in the area of business.

Donald Trump’s skills in business negotiations are recognized in his show, ‘The Apprentice’ by how he influences the competitors of his job opportunity to impress the rivals and ease their opposition due to the low price offer or become optimistic due to an opportunity of maximum potential value that the market could not resist to accept. For example, if a consumer and supplier convene, the side that represents Trump will be offered a deal that favors him (BBC Mobile, 2010). I think success should be determined by factors such as individual mental ability, level of education, self-esteem and social origin. Education is taken to be the most significant factor in determining success since it has a great influence on the income earnings and the kind of career path that one follows. For example, for an individual to have a successful business career that offers financial stability, he/she is required to have been qualified academically through earning a degree certificate or any other document that certifies an educational achievement.

In social origin, the level of parental influence, learning and support is established on a person to determine the level of success. In addition, the social rank of an individual has also been related to the rank of his parents. In self-esteem, the level of confidence that an individual has in his/her ability to do something determines how successful his/her accomplishment will be. For example, if one values himself/herself and believes in his/her potential, there is a high possibility of him/her succeeding in his/her tasks. However, if one develops a negative attitude towards himself/herself, he/she will be less motivated to achieve his/her purpose because he/she does not believe he/she can succeed.

I consider my neighbor, Katherine, back at home a very successful person. She has a unique understanding of success, as she believes that accomplishing it is neither difficult nor impossible. In addition, she believes that success comes from one creating a strong visualization of the future outcome if he/she is successful and taking the necessary steps to reach that point. This idea of success is similar to mine, as I also believe that anyone is capable of achieving success providing he/she believes in it. Katherine is a very talented successful painter, who creates different pieces of artwork including portraits, landscape and other modern abstract art pieces. She gets high demand from clients especially those in real estate companies who venture in interior design.

Katherine has faced some difficulties in her successful journey. Her parents were not as supportive because they expected her to study for a formal career and become an accountant. In addition, they forced her in pursuing an accounting diploma that would qualify her to be enrolled in a university from where she would earn a degree. However, it did not stop her from realizing her dream because during her free time, she would paint and sell her work to some of the students. Her persistence made her parents realize that it was important for them to support her decision instead of limiting her potential.

In the article Horatio Alger by Harlon L. Dalton, he believes that success comes from one having qualities of hard work, determination, creativity and boldness (Decker Jeffrey 143). This is similar to how I expressed the point on success earlier as being achieved by one utilizing all his/her potential skills with all his efforts and ability because one has to be determined and enduring in applying that strategy. Harlon also believes that achieving depends on one’s qualities. It is similar to my perspective of success that one has to have certain qualities in order to be successful in accomplishing a task. In addition, he says that each individual has a chance to develop those qualities in order to be successful (Decker Jeffrey 143). I also agree with this statement because I believe that every human being has the potential for growth and development in their weak areas if given the opportunity.

I look forward in becoming successful in my future career by focusing on my education. I intend to complete my undergraduate degree in computer science and later focus on achieving a master’s degree in my major of web programming and design. However, before I do my masters, I plan to start working in IT- based organizations to gain experience and understand the main depth of the web design major. I intend to be an independent by paying for my master’s education intuition with the savings from my salary. There are challenges I have encountered and might continue facing in the future such as unemployment. The current economic situation of my Country does not indicate any progress and therefore degree based professional jobs are scarce among the educated unemployed population.

However, in order to overcome this problem, I intend to make use of my resources by starting my own business. With the skills and knowledge I acquired from school, I plan to start a business of making website for different kinds of organizations. In addition, I will also incorporate my artistic and creative capabilities in the process of making this websites. Although pursuing the undergraduate degree has been tough, I have adopted the qualities of being persistent, patient and hardworking in order to achieve my goals. I plan to achieve my goal by applying my creative artistic talent skills in the field of my future career.



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