Uddin 2

S. Uddin




Shaped to be a Medical Doctor

            My passion to become a medical doctor dates back to my childhood, by the urge to see my father walk like a normal person. My father suffered form paralysis because of a spinal cord injury above his first thoracic vertebra, which in medical terms is called Quadriplegia or Tetraplegia that affects all the limbs, and chest cavity causing problems such as coughing and breathing. My urge to become a doctor drove me to pursue a bachelor’s degree in medical technology, which I completed, and am currently working in a food related company. However, I feel that this is far from what I have always wanted to become, and without a degree from medical school, I feel I have not fulfilled obligation.

I have been brought up in a poor family of 10 siblings with me being the last born but first to go to college. I have been through many experiences in life that have shaped my urge to be a medical doctor, in order to provide treatment and care to people who lack medical services. I enjoyed walking my father on a wheel chair that my elder brother managed to buy him after winning a lottery to come to America. At a young age, I enjoyed taking are of my father, and taking him round the village on the wheel chair, and learnt to take care of people with such needs. My father was diagnosed with cancer, and died without treatment when I was ten years old. The sorrow of losing my father to lack of treatment at a time I understood the medical needs of my father struck me hard, driving my passion to become a doctor to save such lives.

Going through education from a poor background has not been easy and many times, I have been forced to work two jobs while at school, exposing me to a vast of experiences along the way. In addition, I have been involved in many voluntary activities related to medical services in several places. I have volunteered in K. Cancer Institute as a patient transporter, where I learnt more about the needs of a patient through transporting patients from the main entrance to patient rooms, transporting specimens such as blood, equipments, among other facilities. I engaged a lot with medical personnel in all departments and learned more about patients. I also volunteered in S. Hospital at their Radiology department, where I assisted technicians in prepping of rooms before patients’ arrival, retrieving patient information from the computer, brought patients in for radiology and helped with their positioning and sliding. I also helped in CAT scan, nuclear medicine or ultrasound according to the departmental needs. With such exposure to a medical environment, my passion has only grown further.

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