Undergraduate Certificate Program for Hospital-based Educators

Undergraduate Certificate Program for Hospital-based Educators

Creating a curriculum for a course based in the Hispanic population is important in achieving the targets set for the students. It requires a scientific method, which should cover certain things. These include the requirements of a patient, those of the society, the students and all tutors. Creating a curriculum should be as efficient and effective as possible (Iwasiw, Goldenberg & Andrusyszyn, 2009). The past work done in this medical institution should be used to form the current work to be done. As the curriculum in the Hispanic population is being created, a specific logic should be used. It should consist of elaborated objectives of the teaching processes, selecting tools, which will assist in attaining the objectives and blending various elements in the curriculum. A curriculum should exhibit a range of various topics, learning and teaching plans, and then joined to be one item. This should happen in all the institutions. The curriculum has to match with the present materials and personnel of the school. The starting of the curriculum work should be a mission statement. It will enable the educators to stick to the scope of the curriculum.

The scope of this course will be seven topics. These topics will be covered in a period of three sessions. The topics to be covered in this course are:

  • Introduction to medicine
  • Human anatomy
  • Introduction to psychology
  • Modes of treatment
  • Code of ethics in medical practice
  • Patients personalized care
  • Performing minor surgeries.

The introduction to medicine topic will familiarize the students with what they will continue learning and practicing. Human anatomy is the study of the composition of a human being. For the students to learn how to take care of the sick, they ought to know human structure. Medical students need to study the way of thinking and behavior of people, hence the importance of psychology. The students need to understand the modes of treatment like chemotherapy, radiotherapy and many others.

Every career has a code of ethics and so is medicine. Therefore, there is a topic on studying the professional ethics, which should govern a medical practitioner. When patients have been hospitalized, they need good care especially if their condition demands that. This is why there is a topic on caring for the patient (Keating, 2010). Medical students should learn how to perform minor surgeries like removing boils and stitching open wounds. At advanced stages, they will learn how to perform major surgeries.

Kridel (2009) advices that before stating objectives, the next step is putting down the mission statement of this curriculum. It states that:  To achieve highly skilled personnel at the end of the training. To achieve this mission, there is need to formulate objectives, which are more specific, measurable, accurate and time bound. They are:

  • Covering all the topics by the end of the third session.
  • Students to pass their examinations.
  • All students are expected to cooperate and learn.
  • To establish weaknesses in the students and addressing it.
  • Identifying the strengths of the students and capitalizing on them.

The outcome of this program is expected to be successful. This curriculum has technical and practical topics, which will prepare and equip the students sufficiently. The educators expect that the students will go through with the curriculum and cover everything written down. In those three sessions, students will be knowledgeable enough to start internship in the hospitals.























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