Unit 3

Unit 3







Unit 3

Question one

The theoretical explanation from Shaw and MacKay says that adolescents from poor backgrounds become official delinquents because of the neighborhoods they live in, which view crime as a common normal behavior that is acquired through the social and cultural interactions that take place there. The theory emphasizes that adolescent delinquency is affected more by the place they grow up in, rather than the age, race or gender.

Question two

If I had the financial resources, I would set up an organization in Texas to counsel the young and adolescents who at that point in their life are not sure of the decisions they make and their consequences. The organization would assist the youth in seeking employment and sponsorship for the youths who are keen on extending their education. In addition, it would assist the ex convicts to settle in life so as not to repeat the same crimes and for them to counsel the youth against engaging in crime.

Question three

Anomie is lack of standards to live by and often causes alienation and restlessness. I have never perceived anomie because I have standards within which I live and am always trying to achieve success in whatever I undertake because, in the society, your worth is known through what you achieve. Anomie can contribute to delinquent conduct because when a person is purposeless in life, and they have no standards to live by, they will engage in any act including crime.

Question four

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