A vacation is a period of leisure granted to students, especially during the summer, in which they are not obliged to do studies and employees are not expected in their work places. There is a great variety of vacations locations to choose from but the most commons are beaches and mountains. Since people usually look very forward to taking these retreats, the biggest challenge they get is in making the ultimate choice of where to spend it from. Both places have similarities and differences in the activities offered and we are going to discuss them in this paper so that they may be of help in helping one decide on which location they like best.

Mountains have a lot to offer for vacations but one must be sure of that he/ she will be able to enjoy the place first. The mountains have a cool climate and are covered with snow and bare rocks at the top. This means that, one has to prepare adequately for the journey up before leaving the ground. Hiking boots are one of the requirements because they offer a firm grip on the ground, which is usually rocky and might have some loose gravel. Warm clothing and extra layers of bedding are needed for protection from the fresh dry air that is experienced as one covers the different heights of the mountain (the higher you go, the cooler it becomes). Activities that are offered on the mountains are dictated by the weather and include hiking, nature photography, mountain biking, snow skiing and snow boarding.

Before embarking on the journey, it is always advisable to review the activities one would like to indulge in so that he/ she can ensure that all equipment needed for them is packed. On the actual climb, if one is not using services of a guide, it is advisable to carry some means of protection because mountains are inhabited by wild animals, which one may encounter along the way. Fewer lodging options are available due to the fact that mountains are mostly secluded at all times. The best foods to have on the mountains are canned foods because they have preservatives. Fresh foods are hard to find because of their tendency to go bad quickly. Locations that are suitable for mountain climbing are many, for example Canada, which offers a great deal of mountain vacation sites and long views where people can go and have a lovely time.

On the other hand, the beach experience is the direct opposite of the mountainous one. Climatically, beaches tend to be warmer and sunnier as opposed to the mountains. The beach is characterized by sand and humid air. Just like on the mountains, activities that are dictated by the weather patterns and include sunning, swimming, wind surfing, parasailing, water skiing, boogie boarding and boating. It is also advisable with this kind of vacation to decide on the activities early enough so as to ensure that all equipment needed is packed. Beaches are mostly if not always crowded and this ensures that there is always a flurry of actions taking place. The crowds attract many business people and lodging options are numerous because of this. Light clothing and beddings should be packed to suit with the weather.

Bathing suits and flippers are a necessity for swimming while sunscreen is equally needed for sun bathing to protect one’s skin from harmful effects of the sun. Most coastal sites are lined with discotheques and fancy restaurants where people can party all night long. In the case of a family vacation, parents should always keep their children in sight because wild parties are sometimes experienced. The beach offers lovely water views and sunsets, which are considered romantic and can very much suit people on a honeymoon or dating couples. Food present here is usually seafood and it is easy to access fresh foods like fruits and vegetables. Beaches are mainly located on coastal areas like Mexico, which has many lovely beaches to offer.

Having looked at the distinctions that mark the differences between beaches and mountains, we now look at the similarities. Both areas are known to be great sources of fun and fulfillment to all who decide to spend their vacations in them. They are great sites for making new friends and learning new facts or cross checking already acquired information about the site one is visiting. It is however important to be able to know the kind of area one is visiting due to some factors like health issues. People with cold-related problems like asthma and other complications would be better off at the beach than in the mountains due to the warm climate experienced there. If not so, they have to ensure a lot of warm clothing is put on to prevent the cold. Accidents are known to occur in both places and it is good to carry a medical kit and ensure that at least one person is familiar with simple first aid skills incase the worst happens. Ensure that emergency numbers are carried with you wherever you go and telephone services are available if you want or need to contact anyone.

From this discussion, it can be concluded that what actually matters is not where you spend the holiday because fun is guaranteed in both the sites. As we know, everything has its merits and demerits and what helps is to compare all of them and then settle for the best among them. In our case where we were dealing with only two vacation areas, the most suitable decision would be to compare both vacation sites with respect to ones preferences and tests and pick the one that offers most satisfaction to them. Perhaps, one could decide to visit both places if that would promise them more fun or alternatively, choose a place where the mountains and the beach are relatively close. Always avoid the duplication of vacation sites and activities by visiting the same place repeatedly or visiting places that offer the same things. It is always better to apply one self to new ideas, activities and places too!





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