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Valley view memorial hospital is a health care facility set up to provide medical services of preference all the time. This is the main goal of the hospital and with this in mind, every medical practitioner in the hospital works properly to ensure that the patients receive the best medical attention possible (Stimson & Stimson, 2008).

The hospital’s mission is to become the world class health services provider and contribute positively to the community life. Besides offering the healthcare services the hospital also offers guidance and counseling services to its clients. The hospital also lives up to its mission in that billing comes later after the patients have received the necessary attention. Therefore they offer services first and charge later provided the clients have guaranteed to pay, for example through insurance agencies (Bower, 2005).

Medical specialists in the hospital are professionals who have undergone through up-to-date training procedures. This enables them to deliver appropriate services and meet the day to day demands that arise in the community each day. They have also been approved by the board of medical practitioners. The hospital provides good working conditions for the medical personnel and all other employees so as to make them efficient in their work. The management believes that developing its workforce leads to efficiency in its operations as well as developing good reputation which boosts trust in the hospital.

The hospital has collaborations with the relevant parties which lead to the building of care centers with virtues such as accountability, safety, respect, teamwork, compassion and excellence. Partnerships with major medical and scientific research centers such as the NASA enable the hospital to avail the best health care services. It also has good public image due to its great care and satisfaction of patients’ needs as well as maintenance of its staff. This can be seen from the maintenance of many of its staff, about 2,000 for at least fifteen years (Stimson & Stimson, 2008).

Visiting the hospital involves a careful reception to all people whether one is looking for medical attention or wants to stay. The specialists in the hospital are well informed about the latest technology and they utilize it to offer the clients the appropriate services. When clients visit the hospital they are received by the hospital’s receptionists that have been trained well on how to handle customers efficiently. They then give them directions to departments where the clients’ needs can be attended to. When there is need for referrals the appropriate departments process them in a prompt manner. Cases that involve retention of clients in the hospital are characterized with very efficient care and catering services. Any inquiries are also received by the receptionists and processed in the relevant departments.

The hospital is well equipped with the facilities and equipment following the improvements in the technology. The hospital has well established testing facilities such as X-rays which give accurate results (Bower, 2005). There are enough blood transfusion facilities as well as the blood storage banks. Being in a well state technologically enables the hospital be capable of offering a wide range of health services that include surgery, dental and optical attention. From the general observation of the technology usage in the hospital it can be seen that the hospital has utilized it fully in all areas including the communication channels.

The establishment of the hospital in the major town and its public awareness creation activities enable it to receive many clients most of whom give positive feedbacks. Thus classifying the hospital in terms of its services, it can fall into a modern and highly developed hospital whose contribution to the society is enormous.


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Stimson, D., H., Stimson R., H. (2008), Operations research in hospitals: diagnosis and prognosis. Hospital Research and Educational Trust

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