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Ways to Change a Habit

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Ways to Change a Habit


 A habit can be defined as that activity a person does several times repeatedly without knowing. Additionally, a habit can be described as those activities that form our character traits. For example, when a student keeps on complaining that the teacher is not reasonable, it can be because of a habit. This habit can be that the student hates the teacher or the student has a tendency of not listening to what the teacher is saying. Therefore, habits form our character traits and they are reasons as to why we behave how we behave. There are several strategies, which can be used to change our bad habits

Tell the truth

            The first strategy, which is a very crucial strategy towards changing our bad habits/behaviors, is telling the truth. The first step of trying to make a change in anything is acceptance. This is where a person accepts that there is a problem and there is need to change. For instant, if a person has a habit of chewing gum or smoking. The person has to accept this first by telling the truth. This is done by telling another person with the aim of seeking help.

Choose and commit to a new habit

            The second strategy is where the person has to choose a new habit, which is better than the old habit. The person should commit in trying to make changes in accordance with the new habit. This should be done in three stages. In the first stage, the person should set up a goal. This is done to help the person accomplish the goals. The second stage is the observation stage. It is done to check on whether the goals of the new habit are followed. The last stage is the consequence stage. This is where there is an evaluation of results in conjunction to the new behavior.


            I find the two strategies helpful because they will help me in changing my bad habits and help me in developing new habits. At first, I need to tell the truth so that I can be helped. I found out that it is not in my culture to read or revise. Therefore, I have decided to tell the teachers or my parents to help me change this habit. Then I have decided to choose and commit myself into another habit. I will set goals for myself, which will ensure that I develop the culture of reading. I will continuously check whether I am following them and lastly, I will check whether there are any good results in relation to the new habits.

Succeeding in higher education at any age


            In America, very many old people would like to go back in the schools because of one reason or another. However, it has proved to be very difficult to some of them due to the different age gaps. Very many people often think that schools are for the young. This is not the case because education goes own until one dies. Therefore, there are several strategies, which can be used by the adults to overcome the fear of going back to school as an adult.

Get to know other returning students

            This is the first strategy where the adult will look for other adult students who are studying in the school. This will help reduce the fear and tension, which is usually there. This gives the adult the impression that there are many other adult students in the classroom. This helps in reducing the age gap between the adult students and the younger students. It does this by making sure that the adult student is comfortable in the classroom.

Enroll family and friends in your success

            When an old person is going back to school, friends and family members are usually the first to be affected by this move. This is because the time that was being spent with family members and friends, has now been directed towards education. This makes things difficult because one is not able to attend to the family needs as before or spend time with friends as before. Therefore, it is very important for the adult students to inform their family members and friends about their goals of going back to school. This will help them improve their relationships more because they will be even supportive of their goals.


            The strategies will be very helpful to the adult students because the fears, which are associated with learning at old age, are reduced. For example, I have noticed that my mum has been able to overcome this fears since she went back to school. She has adult friends in school who they read together. This has made it easy for her by knowing that there are several adult students like her in school. Secondly, since she went back to school, she has not been having enough time to spend with us but since she explained to us, what was going to happen it became easy and simple for her and us. We have even taken the initiative of support her in achieving her goals.

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