What is your Philosophy of life?





What is your Philosophy of life?

Philosophy of life can be described as a field of research in academia that focuses on the life, cross cultures, life, death, nature and issues’ concerning human and supernatural aspects of life. Philosophy of life is among one of the most important foundations of studies into life because it is concerned with thinking about life and what constitutes elements of life such as death, nature and the environment. Philosophy of life as a branch of general philosophy began in the ancient times in Europe and Asia with individuals in the philosophy field trying to answer the essence of life and its importance. Life can be characterized by many events that cannot be sufficiently explained.

To me the basic things such as the ability to breath, to taste different foods, to see the surroundings are just sufficient to make life fulfilling. Life without such senses is just not complete it is simply not life but just existence. We all have different things that we view important in our lives; thus, it would be insufficient to generalize such importance. Happiness is also another aspect in life that I consider vital because without happiness life is considered as existence. Existence with regard to philosophy can be described as the mere presence without importance. Therefore, happiness adds to the value of my life giving it more meaning. Happiness fills the gap of emptiness that characterizes existence such that as an individual I find it more exciting devoid all of life’s troubles that I face every day. Hence, it acts as a deters me from things like suicide and stress that are particularly devastating to me as an individual and my family or friends.

I personally form my beliefs as to the meaning, importance and origin of life with regard to my personal beliefs, religious beliefs and community or cultural influences or beliefs. Many thinkers in the field of philosophy base their beliefs on religion. I base my understanding especially on personal beliefs, which are influenced by the culture and community beliefs. For instance, in the ancient times, peoples’ beliefs as to the origin and the importance of life were entirely based on the cultural beliefs such that members of a community believed that there was a certain origin of life. For example, the Hindus belief in Hinduism, which has been part of their lives for centuries, Jews practice Judaism that has formed their beliefs as to the origin of life and it would be impossible to convince them otherwise. Culture has also influenced how we interact and treat each other, for instance the Indian culture believes in karma whereby an action towards another person whether good or evil is believed to recur and happen to the person who did it to another. My right actions are determined by my human instinct, which is formed by my beliefs towards certain issues. Certain cultures abhor some actions while others consider the acts as necessary and as a way of life.

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