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When/how I first learned to write or read

When/how I first learned to write or read
Reading and writing is an art that people are not born knowing for it requires many factors to be observed in order for one to know how to read and write. This is with respect to the idea that people have different linguistic backgrounds that are categorized according to the area or location they were born in. Thus, different communities have different learning skills and understanding for that matter. Reading and writing is the most important element of communication in the world for it facilitates understanding. Therefore, the act of writing is important in all the community and in the entire region in enhancing communication.

My first day in school was the most interesting day that has ever occurred in my life for I met many people of different characters. Consequently, I had adopted a life of living with my family and thus we were familiar with each other. During this day, we experience language barrier because we were from different communities. In this case, many of my colleagues knew only their names and other English terms such as ‘yes’ and ‘no’ .The issue of communication was not strange to me for many members in my family were educated hence the used to give me some clues of reading and writing. In addition, my father used to bring newspapers and magazines in which he read them to me some of the stories. It was an interesting experience that made me desire to know more about reading and writing. This was because the newspaper contained a lot of information that was presented in the writing that made me wonder who was able to write that much. Through my amazement, I started writing the information that was in the newspaper though is did not understand what I was really writing. The little knowledge that I had made me become the topic of the day when I entered school for the first time.

In my entire life, I have been motivated by the concept that little things are big for there is nothing that started in a perfect condition. My little effort in trying to copy what was in the newspaper gave me the courage and confidence as a first learner in the English language. The effective that is achieved in the learning of the second languages is always dependable on the prior knowledge of the effectiveness in our native languages. The concept of translation facilitated much understanding in my knowledge about reading. I successfully achieved understanding through comparing my ‘mother tongue’ and the English language, which was my key area of concentration. To come to the point of indulgent, several steps and assignments were followed in line of inserting the literal knowledge in my life. The most significance step that was applied involved the provision of many articles by my parents. In this exercise, I was supposed to try to understand the topics that were highlighted in the books. My father kept on telling me that apart from the academic significance that was associated with the skills of reading and writing, it was important also in facilitating the primary understanding in communication.

Reading in my first learning was introduced as a fun because we were playing with letters. Later, this became serious when we had achieved confidence in spelling our names and writing them on the ground. This was the first assignment that was given in school for it helped us through application of different letters and different vowel sounds. Reading became a fun also because we tried to imitate the teacher and the newscasters that we used to watch on the television. On my side, I was confident because I knew the concept of understanding that was attached with reading. Consequently, I was unable to write without understanding what I was writing and thus this transformed my reading habits from fun to the ability of understanding.

The ability to read many books from different authors continued to impart new skills of reading and writing. This was facilitated by their ability to present their arguments differently from each other. Thus, the comparison of the present and the past authors facilitates the growth in the literal skills. Therefore, learning how to read and write has been a gradual exercise that incorporates the ability to understand any given work of literature. This is because, the literal skills are important in enhancing the notion of understanding which is vital in communication.

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