Why delete my face book account?


Canales C., Wilbanks B., & Yeoman A., “Face book Usage in Relation to Personality and Academic Performance” covenant college         articles, 4th April 2009, Mediatimes free press. A scholarly journal based on the findings of the psychological effects in the    behavior of students resulting from participation in face book. The effects were shown to be negative in relation to their        academic performance. The credibility comes because it is an empirical research journal. To start this off is the consideration of loss of productivity that is associated with diverted attention. A face book account can be addictive and lead to loss of focus       to an employee or a student in that there will be the urge to chat, check the latest gossip and spend a lot of hours that would             have been more useful if directed to some other more productive task. In fact, the social networking site is heavily regulated in          workplace situations the employers having realized the potential hazards in terms of productivity. Students have been noted to      have a shortened attention span and reduced interest in issues of great academic significance like assignments. If one is unable to concentrate and stay-off the site it is better off to deactivate ones account to spare one of some additional hours.

Snookiri, “Face book pros and cons”, You Tube Nov 6th 2008, 8th Dec 2009 from http://www.youtube.com a video expounding on the      disadvantages and advantages that are associated with the social networking site from a users point of view. The surprises that         can result from facebook relationships are specifically addressed. There is a lot of superficiality and a person who values real            relationships would not be so enthusiastic in building the facebook relationships. Most if not all of a persons friends will only            submit information that makes them look better than they actually are. From the photos and the videos that are uploaded, there        is the general inclination to present ones best side first and the result is bonding with someone on a superficial level. In case   prove is needed of this point, it is easily obtainable once a person decides to link up face to face with an admired friend on face             book. More likely than not, surprise is inevitable in the sense one realizes a lot that was concealed by the mere social network             interaction. Thus, if a person were looking for quality in relationships definitely a face book account would not be that helpful.

Juker D., Baby-boomers: What you want to know about Facebook, but were too afraid to ask, Ohio, University Heights, 2008. By use             of communication and social theories, the author attempted to look at the negative and the positive implications of face         book since its conception in 2004. There is special mention to the relational laziness that a facebook account encourages;             this is in respect to lethargy in relationships. For instance, it is your birthday and conventionally you would be entitled to a            surprise party, secret gifts and at least some good phone calls. Thanks to having a facebook account, one will find      themselves with thousands of notifications all expressing the same thing and in an almost similar way: happy birthday! In             context to this, facebook seems to replace the convectional ways of appreciating some one that were more involving and       consequently meant more. The birthday incidence is just an example of how relationships are reduced in terms of       involvement and meaning through a face book account. It may even be prudent to de-activate a face book account before    your next birthday and take into account how many of your friends are likely to remember and give you a call that is if one can handle the news.

Spencer, “Facebook Has Its Disadvantages” Web Upon, Feb 23 2009, Retrieved9 Dec 2009 from http://webupon.com/social-networks.On a     more personal basis, if one disagrees with a friend on facebook, a recipe that can easily produce emotional disaster is created. First, there is the fact will go public and even removing that person as a friend will not be of much help if it         happens over a thread since you will still get the messages. There arises the issue of containing the extent of damage that          can arise in the context of facebook enmity. Pictures can easily be posted as links, threads are formed with the intent of            depressing someone emotionally and on a general note, the damage on reputation is endless. Thus, it would leave one with             little or no choice to deactivate the account and be very oblivious to the dirt been thrown about

Walsh B., The web startup success guide, Berkeley, CA: A press, 2009. This recent book is intriguing and the web startup success guide is an exemplifying intrigue in the sense of the recent knowledge that the writer possess especially in the area revolving around           social networking sites like face book. There is privacy issue that can arise from possessing a face book account. This is     especially so when someone hacks into your account. There have been such incidents and the results are disastrous to say the     least. They update things that are very obnoxious that leave your friends puzzled, they change your profile to that of a clown            and even reply messages on your behalf in nasty ways. If this is not reason enough to make one delete their face book account        nothing else is. An issue that is connected to that is the issue of viruses that a facebook account holder is so vulnerable to.     Some viruses lead to complete strangers having the ability to check and even edit someone else’s profile.

Lorna H. Findlay, “face book disadvantages”,EzineArticles.com  22nd October 2009, 8th Dec 2009 from             http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Lorna_H._Findlay. The author is an expert in internet marketing with  a focus on aiding           newcomers access the benefits of internet social networking marketing. She attributes a lot of congestion in a person’s mail from unnecessary threads and notifications. This sure enough can drive someone nuts in that there is very little control of the          inbox mail. There absolutely events that one cares the least to know about but the i9nformation will still be bombarded to you.


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