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Zonta International is a global organization located in sixty six countries. The organization’s headquarters are in Illinois in the United States. The organization’s goal is to advance the status of women. The organization’s objectives include improving legal, political, economic, professional, health and educational status of women; working for the advancement of goodwill, peace and understanding through world fellowship of executives; promoting justice and respect for human rights and fundamental freedom globally and uniting the members to foster high ethical standards and provide mutual support and fellowship for its members.

The organization has fought for causes around the world. In Japan, for instance, the group has been able to influence its government to utilize the public funds to fund vaccines against uterine cancer. In Liberia, the organization has managed to educate young girls about fistula and provide treatment for some of them. Here in the United States, the organization was able to raise awareness about child trafficking. The group learnt that about one hundred thousand children are used as domestic minor sex traffickers. They brought the case to the attention of legislators and they were influential in initiating major changes where this was concerned. They have also influenced young girls and have made them believe that they can be better in sciences. They have funded various educational programs such as giving the girls an opportunity to work with robots. The group has managed to complete numerous projects during the ninety years they have been in operation (Zonta International).

Ordinary people can do several things to improve the lives of women in their communities and reduce the number of women and children who are living in poverty. The first thing that a person can do is to identify the reason why the women who are living in poor conditions are in such a situation. There are several reasons such as illiteracy can be evident. This problem is especially common in the less advanced countries. Women and the girl child are denied a chance to get an education. It is seen as the preserve of the boy child. The women’s role has already been defined as that of staying at home and doing the chores. If the women can be given the opportunity to get a good education, they can improve their lives and those of their families. They can also educate the communities and teach them the importance of education. There should be equality in education.

Young girls sometimes practice prostitution because they have no other source of income. The girls may be educated but they are faced with many problems because they do not get any opportunities to practice their talents or put what they have learnt into practice. Organizations and governments should come together to ensure that these cases are reduced. They should provide them with opportunities such as funding business projects and searching for markets for their products and services. This will ensure that girls and women do not engage in activities and vices that will lead them astray.

Women suffer in other ways as well. They suffer physical, mental and emotional abuse. Some have to deal with husbands who beat them and wound them. Some girls live with relatives who molest them sexually. Sometimes they lack anyone or anywhere for refuge and they suffer in silence (Carney). Mechanisms should be put in place to ensure that organizations dealing with such cases are highly accessible and confidential. This problem happens in both the advanced and less advanced world. It also affects the rich and the poor. New environments supporting women’s rights and fighting for their cause have to be created to ensure that the situation does not remain hopeless. Global sustainability involves the coordinated efforts of the men and women in the society. Girls have to be given a chance to live in freedom and they have to be allowed to enjoy their childhood and their youth. If the suggestions are adhered to, then the economic status of women and children will change.


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