workplace conflict

Workplace Conflict



Workplace Conflict
Apart from managing and strategizing conflicts at the working places happens to be one of the other main issue that managers have been dealing with and constantly devising methods to prevent it from occurring. Working and workplaces creates platforms where people from different backgrounds, beliefs and ways of life come together with the goal of production. However, due to these differences, conflicts constantly rose between sundry people or across department (Nair, 2008). In addition to the mentioned factors, generational differences and various emotional levels depending on diverse characters happens to be some of the main factors that have constantly led to conflicts at workplace.
Role of Generational Values in the Workplace Conflict
Merging between different generations has been an issue in many working places and organizations. Due to age differences and level of education most of the people in the earlier generations are occupying higher positions than those of the recent generation in most of the establishments. For instances, most of Generation X people occupy higher posts than Generation Y in some organizations. Conflict contributed by the generation differences has highly resulted due to difference in working styles, goals and values (Cennamo & Gardner, 2008). For example placing a person from Baby Boomer Generation in the same department with a worker from Generation X or Y can create platform for conflict to arise. Most of the Baby Boomers members are not so conversant with the new technology as compared to the Generation Y members. Moreover, they are method oriented as compared to the Generation Y people who are result orient. As a result, whenever working as a team, Baby Boomer members may feel that the best way to deliver results is not well utilized and thus lead to conflict. In addition, experience is highly respected and coveted in any working place. However, the new technology can easily do some of the things that require much training and experience to do contentedly. As a result whenever the technology oriented generation uses this expertise to deliver results, some of this old experienced people tend to feel disrespected whenever not consulted leading to conflict.
Role of Emotions in Workplace Conflict
Different people have differing characters and ease of getting irritated or getting angry. Some people are irritating; others are cheeky while other doesn’t know to differentiate between jokes and serious matters. As a result, people get emotional over something when even the source person does not mean to hurt him or her. Emotions have ended up into conflicts particularly in work place since some people do not know how to express their feeling. Once a person fails to share his or her feelings they end up getting emotional. Emotions can be released in various ways and one of these channels is engaging in a conflict with another person (Nair, 2008). Scenarios occur where two workers are not in good terms with each other leading to angers which advances to emotions and ends up to a conflict. Sharing these differences is believed to be a major method of reducing the chances of anger advancing to conflict. According to researches, emotions happen to be one of the main contributors of conflicts at working places.
To sum up, conflicts in any organization are unhealthy and counter-productive. As a result managers need to devise ways to solve emotional and generational issues which seems to be the main factors that subsidize such incidences.
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