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Social Structural Change


America is a role model to many countries especially on issues concerning development and economic stability. However, it was not exempted from the global economic crisis that hit the world’s economy. In fact, it was the most affected, owing to the fact that it supports most of the other world economies (Fallow 38). The country has had a problem recovering from the shock experienced during the recession. It is therefore required to make some major changes in its policies especially in the social structure so that the citizens can be able to adjust to the effects of the recession. The social institutions are a fundamental part of the economy since they set the environment for the development of certain behavioral traits in people. They provide resources necessary to satisfy human needs (Fallow 38). There are various reasons that make the social structural changes an elementary component in the economic and social recovery in America in order to restore the country to the point described by Whitman in his poem America Go Forth.


Social structural changes are a requirement for peaceful co-existence. These changes are necessary in bringing peace in the society and deal with the injustices that may be the fuel for the conflicts. Most of the states in America are faced with conflicts among races and ethnic communities. This is deterrent to the growth of the affected areas since there are little or no investments taking place in these places. The central part of reducing the violent confrontations among the people is the transformation of the social structures and dynamics governing the socio-political relations and the entrée to power and resources (Maiese 13). These changes involve adjustments in the existing policies and the creation of new ones in line with the currently existing socio-economic and political requirements.

Poverty eradication and income inequality goals depend on the effectiveness of the social structures. The American economy is one characterized by high levels of income inequality. The country hosts the richest people in the world, and there are also people living in shanties in the city districts. This is a great deterrent to the economic recovery in the country in that, any efforts made are pulled down by the poor population that entirely depends on the government for basic needs provision. The social structural policies governing wealth distribution should therefore be revolutionized to favor the poor and help them step out of the poverty. These changes include setting up special programs to ensure that they get education and employment. This will enable them obtain a place in the society and be able to contribute to economic growth and stabilization (Maiese 14).

Finally, the social institutions need to be inclined towards increasing employment opportunities. The job market in America is faced with a deficiency brought about by overpopulation. There are a lot more job-seeking immigrants in America compared to the opportunities available. This makes unemployment a common phenomenon and this eventually results to an increase in crime rates. The government therefore needs to come up with policies that will ensure that jobs are available to the young people who graduate from school (Maiese 16). Another social structural change, which should be made inline with this, is controlling the number of immigrants entering the country failure of which the countries resources might soon be unable to support the population.


In conclusion, the social structural changes requirements mentioned above are necessary to bring the country back to the state demonstrated in Levi’s commercial- America Go Forth in which America is described for its richness, perennial nature, fairness and equality and full of freedom and love (Whitman, 2010). Social institutions play a major role in the stabilization of the economy and their failure leads to the failure in the other institutions. That is why they should be given the first priority when planning for structural changes.

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