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It was in the early and late 50s that the movement pertaining civil rights of the African Americans gained much focus. This developed a consciousness in time which spread to the nonracial groups and other minorities. The country was redefining itself after a realization of the ripple effect and there after it was insisted upon a greater sensitivity towards the people belonging to different diverse groups from the normal.

In the film industries, Disney ensured that few lapses occurred on very rare occasions and made sure to mute them when they occurred as compared to Hollywood filmmakers of the golden age who would tend to embarrass and exaggerate. Disney succeeded as the first film maker to portray an Asian perspective as a leader and not a follower as in the case of most movies, therefore informing us that Asians are capable of handling situations and not remaining subservient rather.

Disney has been able to discuss about being born differently and also its rewards and difficulties and has greatly opposed capitalism through identification and marginalization where marginalized figures come together and accept their differences in order to overcome the forces oppressing them. The term cripple which is a relatively negatively loaded term had widely been used in the past decades of the twentieth century became replaced by a more enlighten term ‘physically challenged’ and its all thanks to Disney which paved way for such a good concept of positive thinking. This has greatly helped in portraying the disabled people as the unseen heroes and also forces the members of the public to reconsider prejudice that is felt by many people it has also provided the manner in which people should be induced to think of the decent and fine human beings.

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